Chasing Ghosts: EVP

EVP stands for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon", and it describes the instance when anomalous voices or sounds appear on recordings that were not heard by the people present at the creation of that recording. Most frequently it's used to describe sounds that are identifiably produced by a human being, and most ghost hunters have strong opinions about EVP. These opinions range from the credible to the skeptical and all areas in between. The debate has engendered more than … [Read more...]

A Mysterious Connection Between Parallel Universes and Dreams?

Introduction There is no doubt about the fact that the subconscious mind is a source we tap for imagination. The question is, what on earth is going on within the subconscious to create the incredible, vivid and imaginative dreams we experience in the night? While most thoughts can be derived from logical reasoning and basic necessities in life, there are certain thoughts that carry with them a paranormal hint. Déjà vu, sixth sense, intuition are all terms that have … [Read more...]