A Mysterious Connection Between Parallel Universes and Dreams?


There is no doubt about the fact that the subconscious mind is a source we tap for imagination. The question is, what on earth is going on within the subconscious to create the incredible, vivid and imaginative dreams we experience in the night? While most thoughts can be derived from logical reasoning and basic necessities in life, there are certain thoughts that carry with them a paranormal hint. Déjà vu, sixth sense, intuition are all terms that have left scientists stumped.

The Dream World

Sometimes a person’s emotional health is speculated to related to the dreams that he or she has. But then again, this is not always the case. From weird dreams that leave a person terrified, to funny dreams that are hard to comprehend, the genres of dreams are perhaps more than there are genres of music in the world. Dreams are thought to be a product of the subconscious brain and the subconscious appears limitless in it’s creative creation of dreams. Isn’t it strange, then, that often we can find people who may share a type of dream, only the details can vary? Other times we can meet people who have dreams that seem to intersect with our own?

dreams Parallel Universes

The concept of parallel universes is a simple one. If you have a problem in front of you, there are a number of ways to solve it. But, you are limited one particular way to solve the problem at a time. Imagine the same you, choosing a different solution to the problem. The point can be elaborated with a simple example: A student, after having completed his graduation wants to be a pilot but gets a call from a movie director who wants to cast him in a movie. This person has a number of options to choose from. He or she can either try his luck in a movie or pursue being a pilot. Maybe this person decides to try being in a movie, but on the side, work on a pilots license.

Now, include some unexpected external factors to this situation. This person has an accident that leaves a nasty facial scar. The director now is simply not interested. The person decides to carry on with the desire to become a pilot. This person’s father is the owner of a successful business decides he wants his son/daughter to enter the family business. What we have here is someone who has a number of important, life altering choices to make. Imagine that there are parallel universes where EVERY choice is made. For every choice a person makes in this universe, there is a parallel universe where the opposite choice is made. The number of possible universes expands exponentially as every choice one makes, the opposite choice in made in another universe. Even the smallest choices we make create a new world of possibilities: You decide to go out with friends; not date your future wife; buy a different car; start eating healthy, or not; the possibilities become endless. In this world, you get only one choice per option. Somewhere a different version of you makes the opposite choice. This is your existence in a parallel universe! (Interestingly, a TV show called Sliders debuted in 1995 that pursued this very concept of parallel universes>)

Let us get back to the person who graduates school and is thinking of becoming a pilot. Today, the student is a pilot and loves it. In a parallel universe, however, he did not instead becomes a famous actor. In another parallel universe, the accident leaves him/her bitter, goes to work for dad, and fails utterly as a business person. The point is that there are multiple parallel universes and in all these universes, different decisions lead to different outcomes. Now, think about your life. How might your life have taken any number of surprising twists and turns if different choices were made.

Dreams and Parallel Universe – A Connection?

Could we, in the dream state, be visiting different universes? Perhaps one where we can fly? Or one where those who have died can contact the living? With different universe there is the possibility of different physical laws. Or entirely different cultural developments. The mind has proven time and again that ‘limits’ can be nothing more than self-imposed ideas. In the subconscious state, your mind may be allow for ‘bleed over’ where one’s perception and experiences may transcend the limitations of this world. Maybe visit (or even become) different versions of one’s self in parallel universes.

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In a certain parallel universe, perhaps you were chased and terrified by a tiger while hiking in the mountains. Then, that night, you dream you are being chased by some terrifying beast. In another universe, mankind has mastered levitation and one night your mind wanders to a place where you can will yourself to fly. Believe it or not, in physics, there is what is called ‘The-Many-Worlds-Theory’, first proposed by physicist Hugh Everett in 1957 (and later expanded upon by Bryce Seligman DeWitt in the 1960s and 70s. Who is to say one’s mind is not capable to touching upon these alternate universes in some way. If there is a human soul, perhaps there is a real soul-connection between one’s ‘self’ in alternative worlds. And, that connection plays out in one’s dreams from time to time.

The next time you have a good dream, or bad, maybe it is just you sharing experiences with yourself in another universe. Who knows?

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