Rainbow of Spirituality: Choosing Healing Colors

Choice of color is something that affects us all in our day-to-day lives without us often even realizing. For example, the color of your favorite sweater, the color schemes in your home or the color of your new car. We instinctively make these choices, and in fact color plays an important part in not only our daily lives, but also in our spiritual lives. Our mood and spiritual health can deeply affect our choices, such as picking out a black shirt to wear on a day … [Read more...]

Seven Easy Steps To Become An Actor Or Actress

People always assume that it is impossible for average people to become actors, but that could not be further from the truth. All of your favorite celebrities started somewhere and they were average people without any connections or training, so it is possible. Here are seven easy steps to become an actor. One: Establish the belief that you can be an actor The first thing you have to do is establish the belief that you can be an actor no matter who you are, … [Read more...]