Rainbow of Spirituality: Choosing Healing Colors

Choice of color is something that affects us all in our day-to-day lives without us often even realizing. For example, the color of your favorite sweater, the color schemes in your home or the color of your new car. We instinctively make these choices, and in fact color plays an important part in not only our daily lives, but also in our spiritual lives.

Our mood and spiritual health can deeply affect our choices, such as picking out a black shirt to wear on a day when you feel low, but by having an awareness of how colors play a part in healing can lead to improved health, happiness and an expanded consciousness. Whether you’re selecting a color for your clothes or your surroundings, or specifically for a healing medium, you should understand the role that different colors play in healing.

1)    White
White is a color that’s naturally associated with purity, just think of a traditional white wedding gown, and it’s definitely a pure and healing color. White brings harmony and balance to the body and mind, and improves energy levels whilst dispelling negativity.

2)    Red
A warm color, red gives a huge boost to energy levels and strength. It is a color associated with sexuality and reproduction, and warms the blood and increases overall body temperature. Perfect for problems with menstruation, reproduction and sexual dysfunction, red is also great for getting rid of lethargy.

3)    Orange
Also a warming color, orange helps to open the mind to possibilities and is perfect for times when you’re feeling restricted and low in energy. On a physical level, orange is also good for allergies, kidney problems and digestive problems.

4)    Yellow
Yellow is a fantastic color when it comes to soothing nerves and calming anxiety. The color of the sun, it brings warmth and light into your life, and can be used to heal the digestive system and skin complaints.

5)    Green
The color that’s most associated with nature and Mother Earth, green is the perfect balance of physical and spiritual healing, as it is the centermost color in the spectrum. Perfect for healing the heart chakra, it benefits not just the heart, but also the surrounding area such as the lungs. With its cleansing and purifying properties it is an excellent color for helping with addiction problems.

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6)    Blue
Blue is a cooling and antiseptic color, so it’s ideal for problems to do with inflammation, particularly in the throat area. It also cools and calms strong negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

7)    Indigo
Indigo is a combination of cool, cleansing blue and deep, balancing red, so it is perfect for re-balancing mental, physical and spiritual disparity. Linked to the brow chakra, it gives great healing energy to the eye area and is also a powerful force when it comes to spiritual awareness.

8)    Violet
Violet is the greatest color for spiritual healing, and should be used when the spiritual mind is at its weakest, and in most need of curing. Perfect for meditation and spiritual transformation, violet also heals stress, pain and mental anguish.

If you’d like to talk with someone who has studied and appreciates the importance of colors in health and well being, give Psychic Susan a call at 1-866-327-9032. Susan is also a noted tarot reader and clairvoyant.

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