Paranormal Activity on Old Battlefields

Whether you are interested in becoming a paranormal investigator or just curious about ghosts, the battlefield is a great place to start your paranormal investigation. The Civil War generated over 10,000 skirmishes, which led to the development of over 380 principal battlefields in the United States. Harboring much death and destruction, many people believe these battlefields to be haunted by the souls of dead soldiers.

The battlegrounds with the most casualties are considered to have the greatest amount of paranormal activity. The battle at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania resulted in over 46,000 casualties in three days of fighting. Two days of fighting in Chickamauga, Georgia, produced over 34,000 casualties. In Antietam, Maryland, more than 23,000 soldiers were killed in a one-day battle. These battlefields are just a few that are believed to have the most paranormal activity. Because of the traumatic events that occurred on all battle sites, ghostly hauntings are likely to be seen at any of the 380-plus battlefields in the United States.

An experienced investigator uses a lot of technology to capture these hauntings. Night shot camcorders and cameras record video footage. Thermal scanners measure heat. Digital recorders can pick up electromagnetic voice phenomena. You do not have to be a trained paranormal investigator to experience these unexplainable events. All you need is an open-mind, use of your senses, and patience. Also, make sure that you take friends with you. You never want to go out alone, especially at night. If you must go out at night, make sure that you have permission to be on the property. Take several flashlights and a cell phone for emergencies.
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Paranormal activity can also be detected during the day. Many people have had unique ghost encounters or paranormal experiences in the early mornings or near sunset. And, those paranormal encounters most often didn’t need any technical devices. All that really in required is our five senses and the willingness to be open minded about unusual events.

Paranormal activity, whether on old battlefields or anywhere else, usually occurs quickly. Stay aware of your surroundings and watch not only what is near, but also occasionally scan the immediate area. Numerous visitors to famous battlefields claimed to have seen such things as soldiers marching through the field; a ghostly horse galloping through the woods; and grieving women searching for a fallen father, son or husband. Orbs within the mist and fog have also been observed many times and at all hours. Use your sense of smell. The smell of smoke and gunpowder has been reported at many battle sites. Some people have even reported smelling something like the smell of death or decomposition which suddenly became very potent and where several people within a group all smelled the same thing at almost the same time.

Stay aware of that feeling of ‘being watched’. Often this can lead you to look where a ghostly presence is observing you. You may suddenly get a cold chill. Many paranormal investigators say that ghosts, apparitions and so forth are some form of energy. As such, the idea that one might ‘feel’ a ghostly presence is not too far fetched.

Listen for unusual sounds. Especially background sounds as you move through a battlefield. It is surprising how many people have reported hearing many unusual things on old battlefields. People have said they have the voices of soldiers yelling as they charged the enemy and the screams of men fighting and dying. Many of these reports state that the sounds of war they heard were as subtle as a whisper. The sound of guns or canons firing in the distance is one of the most commonly reported paranormal experiences. Others have report horses galloping past them when there were no such activity anywhere near them. Most people associate ghostly, paranormal encounters with ‘seeing a ghost’, but the far more common paranormal experience reported usually involves hearing, not seeing. And, for whatever reason, battlefields never seem to lose the sounds of war.

Another form of paranormal experience involving battlefields in a powerful feeling of ‘deja vu’. It seems to strike men and women equally. A person suddenly feeling they have been on this or that particular battlefield before. Or, a person will suddenly ‘know’ that they were engaged in a battle or combat somewhere nearby. Perhaps the most famous of those who reported such experiences was General George Patton. Patton was said to be able to sense where an ancient battlefield was located with little previous knowledge of the area. Patton openly said he felt he had past lives as a soldier and fought in many wars in many different countries throughout history.

There is a reason that paranormal investigators find battlefields a great place to practice ghost-hunting skills. In the United States it is said that Civil War battlefields are some of the most haunted and paranormally active places in the world. And, little wonder given that some estimates are upward to 800,000 people were killed in battle during the Civil War. Normandy Beach, where thousands died during the D-day invasion of France during World War 2, is another example of where ghost and paranormal reports are common.

If you want to do a bit of amateur ghost hunting and paranormal investigating, you will likely find old battlefields one of the promising places to investigate. It is great if you can afford equipment for paranormal investigating, but the most important gear you need is your five senses. Remember to keep your all your senses active, including your intuition. It is also a good idea to observe property owner rights and keep in mind that many live were lost where you are walking so be respectful. Unscientific as it might sound, you might find it surprising how the right attitude can go a long ways towards allowing you to experience a paranormal event yourself.

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