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The Snake Rope: Essential Buddhist Teaching in a Simple Story

Buddhism is a large and diverse religion. It has many branches and schools of thought that might look quite different from one another at first glance. Its large corpus of texts and philosophical discourses abounds with a variety of ideas concerning life and enlightenment. Nevertheless, there are certain key Buddhist teachings which serve as unifying elements and make Buddhism recognizable as Buddhism. The story of the snake rope beautifully serves to highlight the key … [Read more...]

Ancient Language Of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an Indo-Aryan language which was used in ancient times. It was the primary language of Hinduism, and most of the scholarly work of Jainism and Buddhism was also written in Sanskrit. In current times, it is one of twenty two languages of India, and is also an important part of Indo-European studies. Sanskrit is thought to mean put together, constructed, or refined. The language itself refers to Sanskrit as “the cultured language”. It was and still is known … [Read more...]