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Understanding Twitter: The Power of Hashtags

Twitter is the simplest of the major social networks but the most powerful for marketers. Its hashtag (#) system allows you to reach out to groups with specific interests, and to engage with them over time. Twitter allows for instant impact, and long-term relationship building. The Benefits of Twitter and are on-line social networks based on pre-existing relationships. When you join you seek out your family, friends, and business contacts. … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Business Twitter Following

The decline of print media and the rise of social media have altered the marketing landscape. Social media has been a disruptive force for change but it’s also provided a simple, cost-effective means for businesses to reach potential customers. By effectively using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube, businesses can launch new products, promote existing products or services, and exponentially increase the number of customers they can reach … [Read more...]

10 Twitter Marketing Tips

Social media has provided a whole new way for business owners to promote their products, services and brand. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, and a popular choice for marketing campaigns. Using Twitter to market your small business can bring rich rewards, including increased brand awareness, extra website traffic and a wider customer base. Maximize your Twitter marketing campaign with these 10 tips for small business owners. Choose a … [Read more...]