Marriage, Divorce And Related Articles

How To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Everyone gets married with the intention of their love being ever-lasting, but let's face it, marriages require care and maintenance like anything else in life. And, while it's okay to experience some tension or distress in a marriage, you never want the scale to tip too far in the wrong direction. Even the happiest of couples have disagreements in life, but the key is to work through them. Even if there isn't any overt tension or arguments, sometimes couples just … [Read more...]

Divorce: Who Keeps The House?

Usually in a divorce, the couple that is divorcing needs to make the decision about who is going to keep the house. A couple needs to work with an attorney(s) and/or make sure that the courts address it. It is really up to the divorcing couple to decide who keeps the house or any additional property, or if the house/property will be sold and the money divided by the couple. There are other options, too, and it is important to make sure that the decision is best for … [Read more...]