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Family Ties: How Much Distance Is Enough?

People often hear about close families and the fun they have together. It’s easy to think that being close with other family members is always a good thing, but as with other types of relationships, family bonds can become too close and can even become destructive. A look at family systems can help to identify the dynamic that operates in your family system. Family Systems Each family is a group that constructs its own rules and ways of interacting. These … [Read more...]

When Moving Your Family Overseas

The decision to move your family overseas, whether for a career change, to seek a better way of life or any other reason, is a big choice. This is especially true if children are involved. It is not something that should be taken lightly. In this article I have tried to distil down the 4 basic steps and tips for dealing with the idea of relocating a family in another country. Step 1: Making the Decision You should remember to always include your family when … [Read more...]