Easter Articles

Christian Symbolism Behind Why Easter is Celebrated in the Spring

Have you ever wondered why the Church holds important holidays on the specific days that they do? Take Easter for example. Is it just an arbitrary day that a council agreed upon, or is there a deeper, more important meaning hidden behind a date? Many of the reasons Easter is celebrated in the spring are symbolic, but history also plays a part. Historical Significance behind Easter The day Easter falls on is based on the lunar calendar. It's on the first Sunday … [Read more...]

Fun and Interesting Facts About Easter

For some people, Easter is a holiday for coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts and chocolate Easter bunnies. However, there is much more to Easter than just chocolate and colorful eggs. Some people consider the holiday as strictly a religious occasion, while others see it as the official beginning of Spring. There are many fun and interesting facts surrounding the holiday, and some of Easter's origins even occurred before the advent of Christianity. The word, Easter, … [Read more...]

Why Does the Date of Easter Change?

Shouldn't Easter be a fixed date on the calendar? Especially if Easter is meant to celebrate the day of Jesus' resurrection, shouldn't the date remain the same every year? So why does the date of Easter change every year? The modern-day calendar used throughout the Western World was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in AD 1582. It adapted and replaced the Julian calendar, which had been in use since the time of Julius Caesar. The Gregorian calendar accounts for a … [Read more...]