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How Do You Choose A College Major?

Choosing to go to college is a big decision. Choosing what you want to do with the rest of your life is an even bigger decision. Today, there are so many different types of jobs, and so few job opportunities, that it can be incredibly difficult for a young person to pick through all the options. One’s future is strongly centered on what major he or she chooses to study in college. So, how do you decide what you want to do with your life? The answer is a lot simpler … [Read more...]

Tips On Writing A College Paper

If there is anything that college can promise you, it is that you will have to write a lot of papers. Almost every single class you have in college will probably include a final research paper or essay. Even if it is not required, many professors will offer extra credit papers of some kind. Today, so many people have failed to grasp the finer details of the English language. High schools just don’t seem to provide students with the knowledge they need for a … [Read more...]