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Our education section is dedicated to all those smart people (and those who wish to be smart) in the world. We like to think of these articles as those topics and subjects we would have liked to learn more about in school and college ... but unfortunately, did not ... probably because we were too busy looking for the next party. Curious to learn more about people and the world we live in? Then, likely you will love this section. Enjoy.

The ‘God Particle’: What The Higgs Boson Means To You

Physics is the study of matter and its motion through spacetime. Physicists have learned that the universe is composed of particles of many types. Some of these particles are associated with matter, while others are associated with energy. The Higgs Boson is said to be the “God particle,” in that it helps to transform energy into matter. The World of Particles Particle theory deals with the world of the minute particles that make up matter. Though most people have … [Read more...]

The Riddle of Dark Energy

The world of physics is a confusing mix of the observational and the experimental. Scientists that study physics often find they must admit whole new concepts into their understanding of how the world works. Such is the case with dark energy and its related concept dark matter. Dark Energy Not much is known about the dark energy. The term was coined to explain the amount of energy that was suggested by mathematical computations and its effects on the universe’s … [Read more...]

A Fresh Look at the Apollo 12 Space Mission

While the first mission to the moon gets all the attention (and the near disaster of Apollo 13 was immortalize as a testament to succeed against all odds in the movie Apollo 13) it is important to note that subsequent space missions made great scientific breakthroughs as well. As the technology used to send men into space continued to mature, other space missions were planned and executed, and those missions helped us gain a new understanding of the universe and our … [Read more...]

Story of John Peter Zenger and the Freedom of the Press in America

In October of 1710, a thirteen-year-old German immigrant named John Peter Zenger apprenticed himself to printer William Bradford in New York. Although Zenger’s occupation as a printer would ultimately throw his life into turmoil, that turmoil would define what it meant to have freedom of the press. After an eight year apprenticeship, a failed attempt to set up shop in Chestertown, Maryland, and the death of his first wife, Zenger found himself back in New York. … [Read more...]

Life on Mars? Maybe

Modern day Mars is not dissimilar to the most extreme deserts on Earth. It is a barren and desolate place, yet is still the subject of intense study and curiosity. Why is there such interest in this planet, and why do so many space scientists believe it may once have harbored life? Essentially, the presence of life on any planet or satellite is determined by five key factors: 1. Temperature. For life to exist, the temperature of a planet must allow water to … [Read more...]