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Goodbye BC and AD, Hello CE and BCE?

It’s what we all learned in school: history is divided into two periods, BC and AD. BC stood for Before Christ and AD stood for… well, we were never really sure, but we knew it sort of meant "after Christ" (it actually stands for Anno Domini, Latin for "the year of our Lord.") But now it looks like that might all be changing. In an attempt to be more sensitive to non-Christians, academics have begun using the abbreviations CE and BCE, for … [Read more...]

Do Left-Handed People Think Differently?

Many people take being right-handed for granted. After all, most people worldwide are right-handed. As a result, few right-handed people take the time to think about the lefties among them, for whom everyday life in a right-handed world can sometimes be a struggle (or worse, find some people are prejudice against them because they are left-handed). It is interesting to note that handedness is not common in the animal kingdom. Typically, animals use both paws or … [Read more...]

You Have Heard Of Columbus, But Have You Heard Of Zheng He?

Years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, another country began an ambitious exploration of the world with a fleet of ships. It is an often overlooked part of history because this huge ocean expedition was not launched by a European country. It was launched by China, and it is still considered by many historians as one of the most impressive navel efforts ever undertaken. More, it is possible that this Chinese fleet may have visited the 'undiscovered' Americas before … [Read more...]

Chickens in the City

A Look The Cultural Shift That Allow Chickens In Urban Communities The chickens have officially come home to roost! A number of cities around the country now allow residents to own chickens and raise them at home. Cities like New York City, Cleveland Heights, Portland, Oakland, and Chicago now allowing residents to raise chickens. Chickens are Residents Too! Each city has slightly different rules about how they must be maintained and the number that a single … [Read more...]