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Our education section is dedicated to all those smart people (and those who wish to be smart) in the world. We like to think of these articles as those topics and subjects we would have liked to learn more about in school and college ... but unfortunately, did not ... probably because we were too busy looking for the next party. Curious to learn more about people and the world we live in? Then, likely you will love this section. Enjoy.

Goodbye BC and AD, Hello CE and BCE?

It’s what we all learned in school: history is divided into two periods, BC and AD. BC stood for Before Christ and AD stood for… well, we were never really sure, but we knew it sort of meant "after Christ" (it actually stands for Anno Domini, Latin for "the year of our Lord.") But now it looks like that might all be changing. In an attempt to be more sensitive to non-Christians, academics have begun using the abbreviations CE and BCE, for … [Read more...]

How Meteorologists Predict the Weather?

Regardless of the location meteorologists are predicting the weather for, they need to know what is happening in other parts of the world in order to make accurate forecasts. For example, it is helpful in predicting weather in California to know current weather conditions across the Pacific in, perhaps, North and South Korea. And to forecast the weather three days ahead, meteorologists need to know the weather in Antarctica, the nations south of the Equator and other … [Read more...]

Do Left-Handed People Think Differently?

Many people take being right-handed for granted. After all, most people worldwide are right-handed. As a result, few right-handed people take the time to think about the lefties among them, for whom everyday life in a right-handed world can sometimes be a struggle (or worse, find some people are prejudice against them because they are left-handed). It is interesting to note that handedness is not common in the animal kingdom. Typically, animals use both paws or … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Antimatter

If you've ever had anything more than a passing interest in the world of science fiction, you have probably heard about the exotic 'antimatter'. You have perhaps even found yourself asking if antimatter is even real or whether it is just something invented by writers. The answer is 'yes', the existence of antimatter has been known for decades. And recently it has even been created in miniscule amounts by the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Antimatter is the … [Read more...]

Sinkholes: Causes and Dangers

Media reports of sinkholes swallowing up buildings and cars have caught the attention of people around the country. Many may wonder what causes this natural phenomenon and whether they are at risk for having these sinkholes develop in their area of the country. Some factual information on sinkholes can help to allay fears and clarify the information. What Are Sinkholes? Sinkholes are depressions that occur underground that eventually open up on the ground’s … [Read more...]