Frederic William Henry Myers: Psychology’s Forgotten Genius

When psychology students study the history of their discipline, there is often a curious omission in what they are taught. Very few mentions are ever made of a man known as Frederic W. H. Myers. Myers was a close and dear friend of William James, who most psychology students do know about and whose influential book, "Principles of Psychology," earned him the right to be called the "Father of American Psychology." James and Myers shared many interests, … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Origins of Some Common Phrases

Every language has its fair share of bizarre, common sayings which people, over time, have forgotten where the phrase originated. When we say something like "gets our goat," or "the cat's pajamas" or is "willy nilly," we usually do so without with out really knowing the original source behind the phrase. Every common phrase or idiom has a time and place where it began. Often, knowing the origins of common (though unusual) phrases will add a … [Read more...]

Marie Laveau: New Orleans Voodoo Queen

Marie Laveau the first was born in New Orleans in 1794. Her father is believed to be a wealthy white planter and her mother a free woman of color. Her reputation as a voodoo practitioner is well known legend. She was thought to be able to manipulate and control people in matters of love, war and sex. Her life is shrouded in mystery and is a particularly enticing tale. She managed to bring voodoo into the lives of every day people in the 19th and 20th centuries and … [Read more...]