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The Role of Angels in Everyday Life

According to the Bible, angels serve as intermediaries between God and humans. They are often referred to in scripture as messengers with the ability to intervene in human lives. In a recent survey conducted by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion, approximately one in five adults say they believe they have been protected by a guardian angel at some point in their lives even though they do not consider themselves to be religious. It seems that belief in … [Read more...]

How Vulnerable Is the U.S. Power Grid to Terrorist Attack?

Americans have become familiar with hearing stories about blackouts due to weather-related events. After hurricanes and super storms, there are reports of millions of households being without power. Repair teams from across the country and even from across our borders descend upon the affected region to assist in getting the lights back on. Generally the number of households without power steadily decreases, with those in remote regions or in extremely damaged areas … [Read more...]

Why School Uniforms Are a Good Idea?

The debate around school uniforms will be renewed with every new generation of school children and their parents. There are very few practical reasons against the compulsory wearing of uniforms, and many more in favor, and this fact in itself should mark the end of the perennial debate – so why does it still rage on? To summarize the main reasons for the wearing of uniforms very briefly, as they have been well documented many times: * Uniforms introduce the … [Read more...]

The World War 2: War In The Pacific

The Pacific Theater of World War II doesn't feature as heavily in current media and culture as the European theater does. While the battle in Europe against the Germans has become a part of the American historical narrative regarding good versus evil, democracy versus fascism, and the concept of universal human rights versus genocide, the war in the Pacific was a bit...messier. At the time, the war against Germany was framed as a war on behalf of freedom and justice, … [Read more...]