Why Honey Is A Better Than Sugar

Sugar is the most popular sweetener in the world, and its use is particularly common in such drinks as coffee and tea. However, the natural sweetener honey is a better and healthier choice for you than sugar, and is even arguably better tasting. Honey is superior in large part because it is more natural than processed sugar. In unrefined sugar cane there are present certain vitamins, organic acids, and beneficial enzymes that are lost in the sugar manufacturing … [Read more...]

Why Do I Crave (and Eat) So Much Sugar?

It is not like we do not know about sugar. We know all about weight gain, insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes, but somehow we cannot stop consuming the sweet stuff. The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), a federally funded program partnered with the National Institute of Health (NIH), says that the increase in diabetes diagnoses is of “epidemic proportions,” yet we still cannot stop eating pound after pound of sugar. We … [Read more...]

Advantages of Cold Weather Work-Outs

Giving yourself a dose of fresh air can work wonders for your health – no matter what the weather outside is like. Exercising outdoors can give you an energy boost. It can also help fight stress and keep depression away – even depression that comes from winter-related seasonal affective disorder. A recent report in Environmental Science and Technology offers scientific evidence to back these ideas up. Many fitness experts feel that working out in cold weather … [Read more...]