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The Four Components of Astrology

Have you ever wondered why people are the way they are? How we can all look at the same image, yet still have widely differing perspectives. Why we choose certain hobbies. What attracts us to one another? The answers could well be in the constellations above our heads, as we enter the world. In modern times horoscopes have become main stream entertainment. Foretelling of love, wealth and warnings of the difficulties we face ahead; but these are only scratching at … [Read more...]

Is Astrology Really Scientific?

It is not uncommon for popular astrology websites to have millions of visitors weekly. After all, who would not want a sneak peak at the future or to have important insights into individuals that who know (or would like to know). It would not be surprising to discover that more people know more about astrology, than, say, higher mathematics. Of course, this is a disturbing possible fact for hardcore skeptics of astrology, especially for strictly scientific thinkers. … [Read more...]