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Boudoir Photography: Tips to Guide and Inspire You

Most men love to visualize the woman they adore in all her sensual glory. Boudoir photos are the perfect gift to give him for any occasion. “Boudoir” is a French word describing a lady's private dressing room or bedroom. Historically, boudoir photography featured a lady posing nude or nearly nude in her discreet chambers, but modern boudoir photography has evolved to include a multitude of settings, styles and themes. Boudoir photography has evolved into a … [Read more...]

Photographing London: The Essentials

Although it lacks geographic beauty such as hills or a coastline, London is one of the world's most exciting cities to photograph. There are, however, a few simple rules which will make your experience easier – and which will result in photos you'll be proud to show your friends, or even sell. Watch the Weather Forecast Ah... the British weather. You're as likely to get three consecutive sunny days in winter as you are to get three rainy ones in summer. … [Read more...]