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Is Anime Safe For Children?

Anime has been gaining in popularity in the U.S. over the last few years. This is because the number of kids, teens and adults who have started watching as anime has become more available and number of anime movies and TV shows have increased. Not all U.S. households are thrilled with this development. Many parents claim that anime is inappropriate for kids and question the morality of adults who view it. These parents feel that anime involves adult material, overt … [Read more...]

Are You Sure You Are Not Creative?

Many people are held back by self-defeating ideas about what constitutes creativity. They look at examples of creativity that they admire, great artists or musicians, and believe that those creative individuals likely special 'gifts' and fantastic IQs. Well, very special creative sorts may indeed have a gift or talent, but not typically a high IQ. And, everyone has some sort of gift for creativity. Research shows highly creative people rarely have great IQs. In fact, … [Read more...]

Four Rocking Tips To Supercharge Fingerstyle Bass Playing

Fingerstyle bass playing can seem like a hassle to rock players. Many inexperienced bassist find it difficult to get the same speed and clarity with their fingers as they do with a pick, meaning that the option of playing fingerstyle is often ignored. There have been many great rock and metal bassists who played with their fingers, however. Cliff Burton, John Myung, Steve Harris: all giants in the world of bass playing, and all fingerstyle players. Fingerstyle isn't … [Read more...]

Self-publishing eBooks is Easy – Succeed As An Author

At one time, if you wanted to be an author and you weren't picked up by a publisher, vanity publishing was your only (expensive) alternative. Actually, they shouldn't call it vanity "publishing". Vanity printing, instead, would be a better fit. To publish, after all, is about more than just printing a bunch of copies. A publisher is supposed to actually do something about the distribution part of things as well. Authors who vanity-publish need to sell their books … [Read more...]

Boudoir Photography: Tips to Guide and Inspire You

Most men love to visualize the woman they adore in all her sensual glory. Boudoir photos are the perfect gift to give him for any occasion. “Boudoir” is a French word describing a lady's private dressing room or bedroom. Historically, boudoir photography featured a lady posing nude or nearly nude in her discreet chambers, but modern boudoir photography has evolved to include a multitude of settings, styles and themes. Boudoir photography has evolved into a … [Read more...]