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Is Anime Safe For Children?

Anime has been gaining in popularity in the U.S. over the last few years. This is because the number of kids, teens and adults who have started watching as anime has become more available and number of anime movies and TV shows have increased. Not all U.S. households are thrilled with this development. Many parents claim that anime is inappropriate for kids and question the morality of adults who view it. These parents feel that anime involves adult material, overt … [Read more...]

Seven Easy Steps To Become An Actor Or Actress

People always assume that it is impossible for average people to become actors, but that could not be further from the truth. All of your favorite celebrities started somewhere and they were average people without any connections or training, so it is possible. Here are seven easy steps to become an actor. One: Establish the belief that you can be an actor The first thing you have to do is establish the belief that you can be an actor no matter who you are, … [Read more...]