Uncovering Your Psychic Potential

Do you have psychic potential? Do you possess abilities that you fail to recognize or act on because you’re reluctant to accept them as possibilities? Can you really learn to develop and use these abilities to enrich your everyday life? The answer to all three questions is yes. Many of the world’s greatest geniuses, including Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci, admitted to relying on more than just their rational minds for guidance and inspiration. You, too, can access the potential that lies within your intuitive mind to solve problems, improve your relationships with other people, and walk your path in life more gracefully.

Uncovering Your Potential

You are psychic. We all are. Those sudden hunches, curious dreams, recurring thoughts, and flashes of insight that you experience come from a source that you can learn to interpret, control, and use for good—not only for yourself, but also for the world. Sadly, we have been conditioned to ignore it or deny it. Due to ignorance or superstition, we may even fear it. But it’s there—to be used for good, for communication, for growth, for healing, and for happiness.

Enhancing Your Awareness Through Meditation

Meditation and Intuition

When done right, meditation nudges aside external distractions. It muffles mental chatter and allows you to turn inward. Your breathing deepens and your mind becomes still. Because the noise has been silenced, you can receive insight and guidance from the part of your mind that you may not listen to regularly. Gradually that part of the brain says, “Here I am.”

Meditation lets you connect with the intuitive part of your brain and use its capabilities more fully. With the help of meditation, a developed psychic awareness can begin to unfold. You can enhance opportunities that have always been present and bring your innate powers to fulfillment.

Awakening Your Psychic Powers

Over time, as you continue meditating and working with more of your brain, your understanding of the world and the way you experience life will change. When you walk down the street, ride the subway or bus, and sit at your desk or at the kitchen table, your outlook will be shifting. Along with using more of your brain—or at least becoming more clear about what it’s conveying to you—you will experience a heightened awareness of things beyond the mundane, material world you’ve been used to up till now.
• You may notice synchronicities—meaningful coincidences —occurring more frequently.
• You may begin to sense things before they happen.
• You may feel the pace of your life speed up or slow down.
• Your dreams may become more meaningful.
• You may feel more compassionate, more accepting, or more connected to the people in your life—and more willing to assist them.
• You may become aware of possibilities and opportunities whizzing around you.
• You may sense things about people and situations, past and future, that you shouldn’t know, at least according to logic.
Not surprisingly, you may be a bit confused or overwhelmed as you adjust to a different understanding of reality. You’ll probably find yourself asking the universe for help in situations you might previously have attempted to handle alone. But don’t worry, control will come. You are embarking on a fantastic journey. Relax, trust, and enjoy the process.

What Is Your Intuition Trying to Tell You?

Your intuitive mind is constantly working for you, although you may not realize it. How often have you heard someone say he made a decision by listening to his heart? Of course, we know the heart does not speak. What people really mean is they are listening to their intuition.
If you listen to your intuition, it will provide the answers you need to make the right decisions.

Pay Attention To Hunches

We’ve all had the experience of ignoring a gut feeling and wishing later that we’d followed the hunch. Our intuition knows what’s best for us, but often we second-guess ourselves and choose to go with logic instead.
The next time you get a hunch, notice how fast your rational mind jumps in to argue the point. For example, you might have had a feeling you should take a different route than the one MapQuest suggested, but ultimately decided to follow the map’s instructions anyway—and ended up stuck in a road construction delay. Even though your intuitive impressions may seem illogical, practice following them. Don’t let logic convince you otherwise. See what happens if you feel drawn into a store you’d never consider entering ordinarily; you might find something you’ve been looking for or run into an old acquaintance you haven’t seen in a long time. By paying more attention to your intuition, you’ll strengthen your connection with it and increase the benefits you derive from its wisdom.

Practicing Telepathy

Telepathy is the art of sending and receiving feelings, images, or thoughts from one person to another without any other cues or devices. Distance makes no difference. Many people experience telepathy in their everyday lives, although some are more open to such occurrences than others. Some people receive images of loved ones, either as passing thoughts while awake or in dreams. We may explain an event such as thinking of something at the same time as someone else by calling it a coincidence. If we finish someone else’s sentence, we say this is because we know someone so well, we can guess what he is going to say. No matter what words we use to describe what has happened, some level of telepathy is present.
You can develop your own telepathic ability by practicing some of the same exercises that scientists use to study and define the phenomenon. Exploring what the mind can do enriches your life in countless ways.

The Pendulum: Swinging, Swaying, and Spinning

Using the pendulum is a form of dowsing. It’s an excellent way to tap information that resides in the unconscious. The pendulum’s aesthetic appearance is not important. You can use a pendulum to help you understand things about yourself—your health, lifestyle, attitudes, and beliefs—as well as about other people. Your pendulum can also assist you in making both minor and major decisions, when your rational mind cannot.

Affirmations and visualizations

Affirmations and visualizations enable you to program your mind and change your reality in both the present and the future. Affirmations are positive statements that describe an outcome you desire. Visualizations are mental pictures you create that depict an outcome you desire. Your subconscious perceives the images and statements you present to it as commands, and will endeavor to bring them about. Combining the two techniques increases their effectiveness exponentially. Because both practices tap the creative and intuitive part of your mind, they also strengthen your intuition when you do them regularly.

Psychic Healing: The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

Many say you have the power to heal yourself and others by utilizing your psychic ability. Many forms of holistic healing, including laying on of hands, prayer, biofeedback, and hypnotherapy, can be considered psychic healing modalities. They treat both psyche (mind) and soma (body), and bring them into harmony. In fact, all holistic healing practices address both the mind and the body, in order to establish balance and well-being.

Is it possible for you use your psychic powers to improve your own health or send healing energy to other people. Stress, anger, and negative thinking drain your natural vitality, whereas positive thinking and happiness bolster your immune system and reinforce your innate health. Be aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your well-being, and use this psychic power wisely.

Psychometry: Picking Up and Interpreting Vibes

Psychometry is the intuitive art of picking up and interpreting information by holding or touching objects. You can sense many things about a person, his environment, circumstances, emotions, health, and so on by tuning in to the energies that remain on an item he used, carried, or wore. These energies are a bit like psychic fingerprints, or scents left behind that dogs can smell.

Some people see visions when employing psychometry, whereas others experience emotions or other sensations. As with other psychic skills, you can teach yourself to become adept at reading people and events through the art of psychometry. Expanding your ability to observe the physical world around you can help you to also perceive the nonphysical world more clearly. Although trained psychics can often intuit a person’s past, present, or future simply by touching a personal object, it’s usually best in the beginning to stick with present or past information that you can verify.

The Psychic Realm Of Dreams

Everyone dreams every night, although we don’t always remember our dreams. However, most dream researchers agree that your dreams are the subconscious mind’s attempt to communicate important information to you. They come from the intuitive, creative part of your mind and provide guidance, insights, even glimpses into the future.

Dreams use the language of symbols to talk to you, which can be confusing until you learn to decipher your personal symbols. Some symbols mean similar things to most people, but you also have your own set of individual symbols that are unique to you. Each thing in your dream is significant; each thing relates to some facet of you or your life.

If you have trouble remembering your dreams clearly, keeping a dream journal can help improve your recall. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, in as much detail as possible. Discuss them with other people, if you like. Paying attention to your dreams and acknowledging their value will help you remember them.

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