Tips On Finding The Perfect Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are amazingly special. They say “Well done! We’ve made it another year!” and hold the promise of many years to come. You want to show your love, but you don’t want it to come across clichéd or boring. The good news is that there are plenty of great gifts out there, just waiting for your sweetie to adore!

If your love is a romantic, there’s nothing they like better than going back over your life together. They savor every moment, and every sweet deed and beautiful scene is indelibly etched on their brain. Help them remember with an Anniversary Book. With spaces for him and her to write their thoughts about favorite things, messages to each other, or just to remember where you were on that day, it’s the perfect gift for those who want to remember everything.

If you’re feeling up to a little work, another great option is “What I Love About You” by Kate and David Marshall. This 90 page book comes blank, but includes great conversation starters like “When I’m feeling playful I call you…” or “I still can’t believe we did *this* together!”. It also has completely blank pages for you to attach photos, ticket stubs, or anything else of importance. Sometimes thought provoking, sometimes whimsical and hilarious, this is a great choice for someone who loves to look back and remember the special, everyday things that make being a couple so great!

If your sweetie is trying to get in shape and stay healthy (and who isn’t these days), the obligatory box of chocolates may not be the best way to go. Get them an Edible Arrangement! These unique and colorful “arrangements” feature fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and melon that have been meticulously cut and arranged to look like flowers. Some are chocolate dipped or covered in sprinkles, some are not and the variety is endless! And just like a florist, they deliver! It’s a great alternative to roses, and very affordable.

While it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, just buying a random piece of jewelry may not be the best way to go. Personalized pieces are a wonderful alternative! For example, the Stump Necklace, with its personalized initials carved into the sterling silver “tree”, calls to mind lazy summer days and the joy of young love. Or, if your love needs a place to put her beautiful baubles, try a personalized jewel box. Things Remembered has a wonderful selection in a great range of affordable prices and they also have other great items such as pocket watches, snow globes and picture frames, all of which can personalized to your taste.

If in the unfortunate event that your honey can’t be with you on your anniversary, maybe due to military deployment or other circumstances, you can still make the day a special one. Put together a photo album showcasing all the great times you had over the years, and add pictures of the things you hope to do together when he or she gets home. Buy an MP3 player and stock it with songs that have meaning for the two of you! You can even find programs for your computer that let you record messages and load them onto music players (Audacity is a great program for this!), and most are extremely user friendly. A photo blanket is also a great option, because who wouldn’t want to snuggle with their honey! Walmart and other department stores will take the photo of your choice and print it onto a cozy blanket, and while it isn’t as great as having the real thing it can definitely help.

Everyone knows that when you’re in love with a “geek” or a “gamer”, all the rules change! Speak to his or her pixilated heart with an 8-Bit Dynamic Life shirt. This hilarious gift should be bought in a set of two. The design features six hearts that any gamer will recognize as a Life Bar, and when it is in range of another 8-Bit Life shirt, the hearts will slowly begin to light up until you are in hugging range and the bar is fully lit up! Or if you’re looking for just the right touch of whimsy, consider an Electronic Butterfly in a Jar. This adorable little pet is cruelty-free, but flutters and floats in its home just like a real butterfly- you only have to replace its batteries once in a while. This would be an awesome present to display on an office desk, or for a pet-unfriendly apartment.

Whether you decide to buy or make your anniversary gift, just remember- it’s the thought that counts. The most memorable gifts are those that have meaning, not just to the receiver but the giver as well. Sometimes the greatest gift can be a kiss or a letter just saying “I’m happy you’re mine!”. After all, “To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all”- Henri Toulouse

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