Tarot Card Meditation

Preparation for Tarot Meditaion
Preparation is an important part of your tarot meditation. Aside from ensuring that you have everything you need for the meditation, it helps to create a ritual and routine that prepares your body and mind for the experience.

Avoid eating a heavy meal before your meditation, preferably leaving two hours between eating and meditating. Top up with plenty of fluids before meditating, as this helps to ensure good hydration, needed for optimum concentration and focus. Change into comfortable clothing and remove any tight or restrictive items, such as jeans or figure-hugging tops.
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Create a comfortable spot in a quiet place, suitable for your meditation. You can sit on cushions, a straight-back chair, armchair, beanbag, prayer mat or anything else that feels comfortable. If you have an illness, disability or physical problem that makes it difficult to sit down for long periods, you can perform the meditation lying down, but take extra care not to fall asleep.

Some people find it helpful to light a candle, burn incense or use aromatherapy oils to create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation. Blankets, cushions or other items may also help to keep you warm and comfortable. The aim is to create a safe, comfortable and relaxing space.

Choosing a Tarot Card

When choosing a Tarot card for your meditation, you can either choose a card at random, or you can choose a card that holds meaning for you. Each deck of Tarot cards consists of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana represent strong archetypes, whereas the Minor Arcana usually represent more generalized areas of life. Many people choose to meditate with a card from the Major Arcana, as these often represent a person, problem or situation that they want to focus on.

The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits, each with their own symbols and meanings. Broadly speaking, Swords represent the mental aspects of life, such as thought, communication and intellect. Pentacles represent the material, monetary and practical aspects of life. Wands represent creativity, ambition and passion, including creative projects. Cups represent emotion, feelings and intuition, as well as love, friendship and family ties. If you are having problems or seeking guidance in one of these areas, try choosing a card from the appropriate suit for your meditation.

Meditating with the Tarot Card

Once you are comfortable and ready to start your meditation, focus on your chosen Tarot card. Pay attention to every detail of your card, including the background, colors, symbols, objects, people and animals. Focus on the card and think about why you chose that particular card. Which symbols or aspects of the card appeal to you? Is there anything about the card that you dislike?

Once you are familiar with your card, choose a particular symbol or object to focus on. As you focus on your chosen object, allow the rest of the card to blur. Feel yourself being drawn into the card, as if you are stepping into the scene shown on your card. Breathe deeply, allowing each breath to take you further into the card. Let the card take you on a journey.

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Each Tarot card meditation will be experienced in a different way, depending on the person, chosen card and state of mind. Some meditations will be longer and deeper than others. Try to enjoy the experience, regardless of what happens in your meditation.

When your tarot meditation is complete, allow yourself time to come back into the here and now. Close your eyes and try to feel the textures and pressures of the floor, chair or cushions underneath you. Sit quietly for a while to reflect on your experience.

Meditating with Tarot cards can be a powerful experience, and can help to increase your intuition, self-awareness and understanding of the world. The meditations will become more powerful and meaningful as you become more experienced, especially if you spend time getting familiar with your Tarot cards. Always remember to take care of yourself before, during and after a meditation, as deep meditation can be an emotionally draining experience.

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