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Judaism: The Religion Founded On A Contract

The philosophical and ethical tenets of Judaism have served as the foundation for much of Western civilization. Yet, many people – including those with Jewish ancestry – are unaware of the history of the Jewish people and religion. The “official” start of Judaism occurred approximately 2000 years before the birth of Christ, when Abraham entered into a contractual relationship with God. Abraham lived in the land of Canaan (the region now known … [Read more...]

What Is Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a holiday that is celebrated by Jewish people during the winter season. In the United States, the holiday is celebrated for eight subsequent nights. The dates of the holiday vary by year, as the Jewish year is governed by the lunar (versus solar) calendar. The holiday usually takes place sometime during the month of December. One of the most important traditions of Hanukkah is the lighting of the menorah. Each night, another candle is light until all nine … [Read more...]