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The Difference between Indexing and Crawling for SEO

Most webmasters get the terms “indexing” and “crawling” mixed up. The two terms are separate actions performed by search engines. The way a search engine crawls a website can have an effect on the website’s indexing. The subtle difference confuses new webmasters who keep track of indexed pages. Here is a brief overview of what each term means and how each action affects search engine rank. Search Engine Crawling Crawling occurs when … [Read more...]

Write a Personal Disclosure Policy for Your Blog or Website (and Why You Need One)

Not all aspects of running a blog or running a website are sexy. Some tasks are downright boring. One of the least exciting blogging and webmaster tasks is writing the disclosure policy. Writing and posting a disclosure policy isn't just something that bloggers and website owners do to look important -- it's actually the law. If you are making money from your blog or website -- even if it's only a few cents for the entire year -- the FTC requires you to disclose that … [Read more...]

Develop The Correct Internet Marketing Mindset

How To Develop The Correct Online Marketing Business Mindset For Success 7 Important Internet Marketing Tips That Successful Marketers Use One of the major things that cause internet marketers to fail in their online endeavors is not having the correct online marketing business mindset. Mind conditioning and preparation are essential factors for internet marketers to achieve online marketing success. Building a business online is no different from creating … [Read more...]