Earth Sciences And Related Articles

How Meteorologists Predict the Weather?

Regardless of the location meteorologists are predicting the weather for, they need to know what is happening in other parts of the world in order to make accurate forecasts. For example, it is helpful in predicting weather in California to know current weather conditions across the Pacific in, perhaps, North and South Korea. And to forecast the weather three days ahead, meteorologists need to know the weather in Antarctica, the nations south of the Equator and other … [Read more...]

Sinkholes: Causes and Dangers

Media reports of sinkholes swallowing up buildings and cars have caught the attention of people around the country. Many may wonder what causes this natural phenomenon and whether they are at risk for having these sinkholes develop in their area of the country. Some factual information on sinkholes can help to allay fears and clarify the information. What Are Sinkholes? Sinkholes are depressions that occur underground that eventually open up on the ground’s … [Read more...]

Why You Should Study Geography

Do you know your place in the world? That question can have a lot of different meanings. It might refer to your status in society, your profession, or even your attitude towards the people around you. However, the literal meaning of “your place in the world” is also worth examining. Understanding the geography of your town, your region, your country, and even that of your world can add a lot to the quality of your life. Even if you never plan on leaving … [Read more...]

What Is the Indus Valley Civilization?

In the 1920s a 4,500 year old civilization was discovered on the Indian subcontinent. Named the Indus Valley Civilization for its development on the floodplains of the Indus River Valley in c. 2500 BCE, it quickly flourished and spread over a large area. Its reach extended over modern-day Pakistan and northwest India. This civilization is of special interest for its sophisticated urbanization which rivalled that of contemporaneous Ancient Egypt. Its peak population may … [Read more...]