International Business Articles

Finding Good Translation Services For Your Business Project

Whether you are opening an office in a new global market or just traveling on business to another country, the language barrier can be a real challenge. While English is spoken by most people in business across the world, it isn’t spoken well. Many people there prefer doing business in their own tongue. Pay attention to this, and you stand a better chance at getting ahead. The first step to doing business in a foreign language, then, is to look for translation … [Read more...]

Should You Outsource

Does outsourcing work to your advantage or disadvantage? To the layman (or an individual who understands the concept of outsourcing at a basic level), outsourcing is a complete waste of time and financial resources, which can end up creating unwanted complications. Why assign work to other individuals if you know what will be good for your business? Why delegate the work to outsourcing professionals abroad if you can do much better right at your own territory? You … [Read more...]