Story of John Peter Zenger and the Freedom of the Press in America

In October of 1710, a thirteen-year-old German immigrant named John Peter Zenger apprenticed himself to printer William Bradford in New York. Although Zenger’s occupation as a printer would ultimately throw his life into turmoil, that turmoil would define what it meant to have freedom of the press. After an eight year apprenticeship, a failed attempt to set up shop in Chestertown, Maryland, and the death of his first wife, Zenger found himself back in New York. … [Read more...]

Was There a Historical Jesus?

To Christians, the question if there was a real, historical Jesus is an absurd one. Believers would argue there is no question about there being a real Jesus in history. However, there are those critics such as Timothy Freke, a popular author, and Peter Joseph, the maker of the Zeitgeist film series, who assert that the real existence of Jesus is just a myth. Both sides of the debate at times try to co-opt the historical and academic side for their own, claiming that … [Read more...]