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Are You Sure You Are Not Creative?

Many people are held back by self-defeating ideas about what constitutes creativity. They look at examples of creativity that they admire, great artists or musicians, and believe that those creative individuals likely special 'gifts' and fantastic IQs. Well, very special creative sorts may indeed have a gift or talent, but not typically a high IQ. And, everyone has some sort of gift for creativity. Research shows highly creative people rarely have great IQs. In fact, … [Read more...]

So You Want a Tattoo

In the thousands of years that people have been decorating themselves with inked lines, tattoos have run the social gamut from being acceptable and necessary, to despised and back to acceptable again. The discovery of the 5200 year old Iceman who is adorned with tattoos proves that the practice has been around much longer than was originally suspected. A number of female Egyptian mummies were found to have tattoos on various parts of their bodies, but the Iceman … [Read more...]