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Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr.

April 21st, 1985

Birth Name:
Randall Hank Williams Jnr.

Hank Williams, Jr.


Years Active:
'50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s


Hank Williams, Jr.
Hank Williams, ..
Outlaw Country
Outlaw Country
'80s Country
'80s Country

Hank Williams, Jr.


The offspring of famous musicians often have a hard time creating a career for themselves, yet Hank Williams, Jr. is one of the few to develop a career that is not only successful, but markedly different from his legendary father. Originally, Hank Jr. simply copied and played his father's music, but as he grew older, he began to carve out his own niche and it was one that owed as much to country-rock as it did to honky tonk. In the late '70s, he retooled his image to appeal both to outlaw country fans and rowdy Southern rockers, and his makeover worked, resulting in a string of Top Ten singles — including the number one hits "Texas Women," "Dixie on My Mind," "All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)," "Honky Tonkin'," and "Born to Boogie" — that ran into the late '80s.

Top Albums

Hank Williams, Jr.'s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, Hank Williams, Jr.
1. Hank William..
The Complete Hank Williams Jr., Hank Williams, Jr.
2. The Complete..
That's How They Do It In Dixie - The Essential Collection, Hank Williams, Jr.
3. That's How T..
127 Rose Avenue, Hank Williams, Jr.
4. 127 Rose Ave..
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound - Original Classic Hits, Vol. 4, Hank Williams, Jr.
5. Whiskey Bent..
Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts, Hank Williams
6. Three Hanks:..
Habits Old and New: Original Classic Hits, Vol.5, Hank Williams, Jr.
7. Habits Old a..
America (The Way I See It) - Original Classic Hits, Vol.18, Hank Williams, Jr.
8. America (The..
Hank Williams, Jr.: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, Hank Williams, Jr.
9. Hank William..
Best Sellers / Best Price - EP, Hank Williams, Jr.
10. Best Sellers..
The New South - Original Classic Hits, Vol. 2, Hank Williams, Jr.
11. The New Sout..
Hank Williams, Jr. & Friends, Hank Williams, Jr.
12. Hank William..
High Notes - Original Classic Hits, Vol. 8, Hank Williams, Jr.
13. High Notes -..
Tribute to My Father, Hank Williams, Jr.
14. Tribute to M..
Maverick - Original Classic Hits, Vol. 20, Hank Williams, Jr.
15. Maverick - O..
Strong Stuff - Original Classic Hits, Vol. 9, Hank Williams, Jr.
16. Strong Stuff..
Hank Williams, Jr.: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, Hank Williams, Jr.
17. Hank William..
Five-O - Original Classic Hits, Vol.12, Hank Williams, Jr.
18. Five-O - Ori..
Stormy, Hank Williams, Jr.
19. Stormy
Man of Steel - Original Classic Hits, Vol.10, Hank Williams, Jr.
20. Man of Steel..

Top Songs

Country Boy Can SurviveHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..4:15$1.29
Family TraditionHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..4:00$1.29
Whiskey Bent and Hell BoundHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..3:09$1.29
All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled D..Hank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..3:55$1.29
DinosaurHabits Old and New: Origina..3:19$1.29
Blues ManHabits Old and New: Origina..4:21$1.29
If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like DixieThat's How They Do It I..2:47$1.29
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over..Hank Williams, Jr.: Greates..2:55$1.29
Outlaw WomenWhiskey Bent and Hell Bound..3:02$1.29
Dixie On My MindHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..2:36$1.29
Country State of MindThat's How They Do It I..3:58$1.29
Kaw-LigaHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..4:22$1.29
If the South Woulda WonComplete Hank Williams Jr.3:21$1.29
Country State of MindComplete Hank Williams Jr.3:57$1.29
There's a Tear In My BeerThat's How They Do It I..2:52$1.29
Country Boy Can SurviveAmerica (The Way I See It) ..4:16$1.29
Country Boy Can SurviveComplete Hank Williams Jr.4:18$1.29
That's How They Do It In DixieThat's How They Do It I..3:16$1.29
Women I've Never HadHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..2:51$1.29
Keep the ChangeKeep the Change - Single3:31$0.99
Born to BoogieThat's How They Do It I..2:43$1.29
Family TraditionThat's How They Do It I..4:02$1.29
Old HabitsHank Williams, Jr.'s Gr..3:02$1.29
If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like DixieComplete Hank Williams Jr.2:44$1.29
Conversation (With Waylon Jennings)Hank Williams Jr.: 20 Hits3:54$1.29

Top Music Videos

Bartender Song (Sittin' At a Bar) [Nashville Country Version], Rehab & Hank Williams, Jr.
1. Bartender Song..
Red, White & Pink Slip Blues, Hank Williams, Jr.
2. Red, White &am..
Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Ed Sullivan Show/Live/1963), Hank Williams, Jr.
3. Long Gone Lone..
All for the Love of Sunshine (Ed Sullivan Show Live 1970), Hank Williams, Jr.
4. All for the Lo..


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