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Anthology, Sly & the Family Stone

Sly & the Family Stone

April 21st, 1981

1967 in San Francisco, CA


Years Active:
'60s, '70s, '80s


Sly & The Family Stone
Sly & The F..
Funk Discoveries
Funk Discoverie..

Sly & the Family Stone


Sly & the Family Stone harnessed all of the disparate musical and social trends of the late '60s, creating a wild, brilliant fusion of soul, rock, R&B, psychedelia, and funk that broke boundaries down without a second thought. Led by Sly Stone, the Family Stone was comprised of men and women, and blacks and whites, making the band the first fully integrated group in rock's history. That integration shone through the music, as well as the group's message. Before Stone, very few soul and R&B groups delved into political and social commentary; after him, it became a tradition in soul, funk, and hip-hop. And, along with James Brown, Stone brought hard funk into the mainstream. The Family Stone's arrangements were ingenious, filled with unexpected group vocals, syncopated rhythms, punchy horns, and pop melodies. Their music was joyous, but as the '60s ended, so did the good times. Stone became disillusioned with the ideals he had been preaching in his music, becoming addicted to a variety of drugs in the process. His music gradually grew slower and darker, culminating in 1971's There's a Riot Going On, which set the pace for '70s funk with its elastic bass, slurred vocals, and militant Black Power stance. Stone was able to turn out one more modern funk classic, 1973's Fresh, before slowly succumbing to his addictions, which gradually sapped him of his once prodigious talents. Nevertheless, his music continued to provide the basic template for urban soul, funk, and even hip-hop well into the '90s.

Top Albums

Anthology, Sly & the Family Stone
1. Anthology
Greatest Hits, Sly & the Family Stone
2. Greatest Hit..
Stand! (Bonus Version), Sly & the Family Stone
3. Stand! (Bonu..
There's a Riot Goin' On (Bonus Version), Sly & the Family Stone
4. There's a Ri..
Fresh (Bonus Version), Sly & the Family Stone
5. Fresh (Bonus..
Dance to the Music, Sly & the Family Stone
6. Dance to the..
The Woodstock Experience: Sly & The Family Stone, Sly & the Family Stone
7. The Woodstoc..
Greatest Hits / There's a Riot Goin' On / Fresh (3 Volumes), Sly & the Family Stone
8. Greatest Hit..
Small Talk (Bonus Version), Sly & the Family Stone
9. Small Talk (..
A Whole New Thing, Sly & the Family Stone
10. A Whole New ..
Who In the Funk Do You Think You Are: The Warner Bros. Recordings, Sly & the Family Stone
11. Who In the F..
Life, Sly & the Family Stone
12. Life
Funky Forever, Sly & the Family Stone
13. Funky Foreve..
Remember Who You Are, Sly & the Family Stone
14. Remember Who..
Rock Masters, Sly & the Family Stone
15. Rock Masters
Funkmeister, Sly & the Family Stone
16. Funkmeister
Three of a Kind, James Brown
17. Three of a K..
In the Still of the Night, Sly & the Family Stone
18. In the Still..
It Takes All Kinds, Sly & the Family Stone
19. It Takes All..
Funky Roots, Sly & the Family Stone
20. Funky Roots

Top Songs

Dance to the MusicDance to the Music2:59$0.99
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Ag..Anthology4:48$1.29
Everyday PeopleAnthology2:20$1.29
Hot Fun In the Summertime (Single Ve..Anthology2:36$1.29
Family AffairAnthology3:03$1.29
I Want to Take You HigherGreatest Hits5:23$0.99
If You Want Me to Stay (Single Versi..Anthology2:56$0.99
Dance to the MusicAnthology2:58$0.99
Hot Fun In the SummertimeGreatest Hits2:38$1.29
Everyday PeopleGreatest Hits2:21$1.29
I Want to Take You HigherAnthology5:22$1.29
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Ag..Greatest Hits4:48$1.29
Dance to the MusicGreatest Hits2:59$1.29
Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Wi..Anthology5:19$0.99
Sing a Simple SongAnthology3:55$0.99
Family Affair (Single Version)There's a Riot Goin'..3:05$1.29
If You Want Me to StayFresh (Bonus Version)3:00$0.99
Everybody Is a StarAnthology3:00$0.99
Stand!Stand! (Bonus Version)3:07$0.99
Everyday People (From "Milk"..Epic Movie Themes of All Ti..2:57$0.99
Fire in My HeartSong Corner: Sly & The ..2:46$1.29
I Ain't Got NobodySong Corner: Sly & The ..2:40$1.29
Hi LoveSong Corner: Sly & The ..2:27$1.29
Dance to the Music (Re-Recorded) [Re..Superbowl Rock Anthems 20122:58$0.99

Top Music Videos

Dance to the Music (Ed Sullivan Show Live/1969), Sly & the Family Stone
1. Dance to the M..
Love City (Ed Sullivan Show Live 1969), Sly & the Family Stone
2. Love City (Ed ..


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