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Controlled Chaos, Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham

August 6th, 2012

Birth Name:
Jeffrey William Robinson Dunham


Years Active:
'90s, '00s


Rising Stars: Comedy
Rising Stars: C..

Jeff Dunham


Even though he was invited to sit on Johnny Carson's couch way back in 1990, ventriloquist and standup comedian Jeff Dunham didn't truly break through until 2006 when his first special aired on the Comedy Central network. Born in 1962 in Dallas, TX, Dunham's 1990 Tonight Show appearance coincided with a role on the television special Jonathan Winters and His Traveling Road Show. He then spent years on the road, averaging 250 dates a year, - and made talk show appearances on Ellen, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Tonight Show, but this time with Jay Leno as host. By 2004, his act had evolved into a rebellion against political correctness so an appearance on the Blue Collar TV show was well timed. Dunham and his grumpy old man puppet Walter were a huge hit on the show, drawing the attention of the Comedy Central network, who gave the ventriloquist his own hour-long special in 2006. Titled Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself, the special earned a Platinum sales award when it was issued on DVD that same year. A year later ,the special Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity introduced the controversial character Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a skeleton with a turban plus the catchphrase "I Keel You!". A hit with the ventriloquist's ever-growing audience, Achmed was back for 2008's Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special which, by the end of the year, would become Dunham's third DVD to sell over a million copies. At the same time, the CD Don't Come Home for Christmas landed with Walter singing "I Hate Christmas" while Achmed offered "Jingle Bombs". In 2009, Dunham signed a deal with Comedy Central network to produce his own television series.

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Top Songs

Jingle Bombs (Achmed)Don't Come Home for Chr..2:33$0.99
Jalapeño On a Steek!Spark of Insanity4:21$0.99
Terrifying TerroristSpark of Insanity5:45$0.99
Taste of ChinaControlled Chaos4:50$0.99
Happy Walter & VegasControlled Chaos5:13$0.99
Peanut the Ventriloquist and Little ..Controlled Chaos4:34$0.99
Peanut and José JalapeñoControlled Chaos8:04$0.99
Unhappy Fan LetterControlled Chaos5:21$0.99
Taste of ChinaControlled Chaos4:50$0.99
Al Qaeda High, Ellen, the Girl's..Controlled Chaos6:52$0.99
Terror Claus, Achmed's DogControlled Chaos4:34$0.99
Muslim, Richmond Night Life, That..Controlled Chaos5:08$0.99
Death of OsamaControlled Chaos5:02$0.99
South Africa, London, and IrelandControlled Chaos7:26$0.99
Walter's Wife, AmsterdamControlled Chaos3:13$0.99
Walter Hates Achmed, End of MarriageControlled Chaos5:16$0.99
Happy Walter & VegasControlled Chaos5:13$0.99
From Us to You (The Whole Gang)Don't Come Home for Chr..3:36$0.99
Christmas With the Achmed Family (Ac..Don't Come Home for Chr..2:04$0.99
Light the Fire (Sweet Daddy D)Don't Come Home for Chr..3:01$0.99
Roadkill Christmas (Bubba J)Don't Come Home for Chr..2:41$0.99
Sweet Daddy Santa Claus (Sweet Daddy..Don't Come Home for Chr..2:45$0.99
American Christmas (Jose)Don't Come Home for Chr..3:25$0.99
Song for Jeff (Peanut)Don't Come Home for Chr..2:50$0.99
I Hate Christmas (Walter)Don't Come Home for Chr..2:11$0.99

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