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Doug Loves Movies: Back in Portland (Live), Doug Benson

Doug Benson

April 21st, 2012


Years Active:
'00s, '10s

Doug Benson


High Time magazine's Stoner of the Year for 2006, comedian/actor/filmmaker Doug Benson, is known for his pot humor, but he's also been able to put the bong down long enough to appear on VH1's Best Week Ever, NBC's Last Comic Standing, and other less herb-friendly television shows. The college dropout moved from San Diego to Los Angeles to try his hand at acting, but when his friend dared him to jump on-stage during a comedy club's open-mike night, Benson was hooked. Years and years of touring took him to 2004, when his off-Broadway co-creation The Marijuana-Logues saw its original cast recording released through the Comedy Central record label. In the summer of 2007, he was the sixth runner-up on the reality competition series Last Comic Standing, and in September he landed a track on the edgy comedy compilation Comedy Death-Ray. By the end of the year, his documentary Super High Me — a docu-parody of Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me — was premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival. The film landed on DVD in 2008, as did Benson's first album, Professional Humoredian. A year later, he released Unbalanced Load, his first full album for the Comedy Central label. Hypocritical Oaf followed in 2010 with Potty Mouth arriving the next year.

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Doug Loves Movies: Back in Portland (Live), Doug Benson
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The Benson Interruption: The Podcast, Doug Benson
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Top Songs

Ad NauseumPotty Mouth3:18$0.99
Tweet ReliefPotty Mouth4:52$0.99
Kindness of StrangersPotty Mouth3:17$0.99
Doug Loves Making MoviesPotty Mouth4:09$0.99
S#*! You Can't Say On TelevisionPotty Mouth2:23$0.99
Known Pot SmokerPotty Mouth5:05$0.99
Bag LoverPotty Mouth1:33$0.99
Dumb ThingsPotty Mouth2:09$0.99
Mush BrainPotty Mouth3:18$0.99
It Is WrittenPotty Mouth2:42$0.99
Audience Is TweetingPotty Mouth6:09$0.99
Mall or NothingPotty Mouth3:20$0.99
Big FinishHypocritical Oaf9:42$0.99
Too Trunk to DweetHypocritical Oaf1:58$0.99
Follow MeHypocritical Oaf2:56$0.99
Booty / Weedy TextHypocritical Oaf5:15$0.99
Sitting There In Your Own FilthHypocritical Oaf3:51$0.99
Pot the VoteHypocritical Oaf2:55$0.99
Weak Back ProblemsHypocritical Oaf4:04$0.99
Time to Go Fred Travalena On Your As..Hypocritical Oaf2:51$0.99
Breakfast WindowHypocritical Oaf3:30$0.99
Track With the Stupid Fart JokeHypocritical Oaf5:22$0.99
Peanut LadyHypocritical Oaf2:44$0.99
DeetsHypocritical Oaf4:35$0.99
Best Story EverUnbalanced Load8:34$0.99

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