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¡Viva la Cobra!, Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship

October 22nd, 2007

2005 in New York, NY


Years Active:
'00s, '10s


'00s Alternative Rock 2
'00s Alternativ..
Girls Going Wild
Girls Going Wil..

Cobra Starship


As the legend of Cobra Starship would have it, frontman Gabe Saporta fled into the deserts of Arizona one day to find the true meaning of his existence away from his emo-rock band, Midtown. Saporta spent days and nights pondering life, mysterious lights constantly plaguing the nighttime sky above him. One distinct night, the lights became so mesmerizing that Gabe became catatonic and started levitating into the air. A snake suddenly came out of nowhere, bit his neck, and he awoke to find a talking cobra from the future nursing his wounds. This enigmatic cobra went on to explain the end of the world (no salvation for anyone) and disclosed Gabe's purpose in life — to ensure that mankind went out in style. As the cobra revealed, Gabe must complete this "by teaching hipsters to not take themselves so seriously and by telling emo kids to stop being pussies." Hence, Cobra Starship were born...uh, back in New York.

Top Albums

¡Viva la Cobra!, Cobra Starship
1. ¡Viva la Co..
Hot Mess (Deluxe Version), Cobra Starship
2. Hot Mess (De..
While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets, Cobra Starship
3. While the Ci..
Hot Mess, Cobra Starship
4. Hot Mess
Night Shades (Deluxe Version), Cobra Starship
5. Night Shades..
Night Shades, Cobra Starship
6. Night Shades
¡Viva la Cobra! (Deluxe Version), Cobra Starship
7. ¡Viva la Co..
Hot Mess, Cobra Starship
8. Hot Mess
Hot Mess (Deluxe Version), Cobra Starship
9. Hot Mess (De..
Night Shades, Cobra Starship
10. Night Shades
iTunes Session - EP, Cobra Starship
11. iTunes Sessi..
Night Shades (Deluxe Version), Cobra Starship
12. Night Shades..
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) [Remixes] - EP, Cobra Starship
13. You Make Me ..
Good Girls Go Bad (Frank e Remix) [feat. Flo Rida] - Single, Cobra Starship
14. Good Girls G..
I'm A Hot Mess, Help Me - The Remix EP, Cobra Starship
15. I'm A Hot Me..
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) - Single, Cobra Starship
16. You Make Me ..
You Make Me Feel... (Karaoke Version) [feat. Sabi] - Single, Cobra Starship
17. You Make Me ..
The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - Single, Cobra Starship
18. The Future's..
Middle Finger (Remix) [feat. Mac Miller] - Single, Cobra Starship
19. Middle Finge..

Top Songs

You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi)You Make Me Feel... (feat. ..3:35$1.29
Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller)Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..3:32$1.29
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Me..Hot Mess (Deluxe Version)3:16$1.29
Hot MessHot Mess (Deluxe Version)2:52$1.29
#1Nite (One Night)Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..3:39$1.29
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi)Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..3:35$1.29
Middle Finger (Put Your Finger Up) [..Night Shades3:32$1.29
City Is At War¡Viva la Cobra!2:51$1.29
Guilty Pleasure¡Viva la Cobra!3:22$1.29
Fool Like Me (feat. Plastiscines)Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..3:40$1.29
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi)Night Shades3:35$1.29
Bring It (Snakes On a Plane)While the City Sleeps, We R..3:14$1.29
Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller)Night Shades3:32$1.29
Nice Guys Finish LastHot Mess (Deluxe Version)3:36$1.29
Middle Finger (Bingo Players Remix)Middle Finger (Remix) [feat..5:25$1.29
Hot MessHot Mess2:52$1.29
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Me..Hot Mess3:16$1.29
Send My Love to the Dance Floor I..While the City Sleeps, We R..3:48$1.29
Middle Finger (Put Your Finger Up) [..Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..3:32$1.29
You Belong to MeNight Shades (Deluxe Versio..4:35$1.29
Hot MessHot Mess2:52$1.29
Nice Guys Finish LastHot Mess3:36$1.29
Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk..¡Viva la Cobra!3:51$1.29
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) [Fu..Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..4:02$1.29
You Belong to Me (Electro Mix) [Bonu..Night Shades (Deluxe Versio..5:13$1.29

Top Music Videos

Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester), Cobra Starship
1. Good Girls Go ..
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi), Cobra Starship
2. You Make Me Fe..
The City Is At War (Online Version), Cobra Starship
3. The City Is At..
Snakes On a Plane (Bring It), Cobra Starship
4. Snakes On a Pl..
Send My Love to the Dance Floor I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ), Cobra Starship
5. Send My Love t..
Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship
6. Guilty Pleasur..
Hot Mess, Cobra Starship
7. Hot Mess
Middle Finger (feat. Mac Miller), Cobra Starship
8. Middle Finger ..
The City Is At War (Amended Version), Cobra Starship
9. The City Is At..
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester), Cobra Starship
10. Good Girls Go ..
Guilty Pleasure, Cobra Starship
11. Guilty Pleasur..
Snakes On a Plane (Bring It) [With The Academy Is...,Gym Class Heroes & The Sounds], Cobra Starship
12. Snakes On a Pl..
Placer Culpable (Guilty Pleasure), Cobra Starship
13. Placer Culpabl..
Hot Mess (Remix), Cobra Starship
14. Hot Mess (Remi..
You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi), Cobra Starship
15. You Make Me Fe..
Hot Mess (Remix) [Amended Video], Cobra Starship
16. Hot Mess (Remi..


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