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Released: Oct 09, 2001

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Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for C..

'00s Adult Alternative
'00s Adult Alte..

'00s Indie Rock
'00s Indie Rock

The Photo Album – Death Cab for Cutie

Steadier FootingDeath Cab for Cutie1:47$0.99
A Movie Script EndingDeath Cab for Cutie4:19$0.99
We Laugh IndoorsDeath Cab for Cutie4:58$0.99
Information Travels FasterDeath Cab for Cutie4:02$0.99
Why You'd Want to Live HereDeath Cab for Cutie4:44$0.99
Blacking Out the FrictionDeath Cab for Cutie3:27$0.99
I Was a KaleidoscopeDeath Cab for Cutie2:50$0.99
Styrofoam PlatesDeath Cab for Cutie5:24$0.99
Coney IslandDeath Cab for Cutie2:40$0.99
Debate Exposes DoubtDeath Cab for Cutie4:36$0.99

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Customer Reviews

Most Underrated Album in the Death Cabilogue (5 stars)
Newer Death Cab fans will probably hold up Plans or Transatlanticism as their best album, while older fans will often gravitate toward We Have the Facts... but The Photo Album is the one that stops me in my tracks more often than not these days. The second half especially is just amazing. This is the beginning of Ben Gibbard as a dominant pop songwriter and the beginning of the end of the rough-around-the-edges early Death Cab sound. I still

The best DCFC album. Hands down. (5 stars)
The title really says it all, but I cant even describe it. I am at a loss for words. Buy Styrofoam Plates if you're curious. I promise you'll come back to it.

Amazing Album. (5 stars)
Not only that, its death cab's best. All of theyre albums are mind blowing, but this one is awesome. This one differs from plans and trans in the way that it sounds more.... acoustic and real. this one isnt as studio controlled as the two. Most sterio typical "death cab fans" will go with plans as theyre favorite, but im tellin you. this album is the best.


Formed: 1997 in Bellingham, WA
Genre: Alternative
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Death Cab for Cutie's rise from small-time solo project to Grammy-nominated rock band is one of indie rock's greatest success stories. Launched in the bayside college town of Bellingham, Washington, the group was originally a side project for singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard, an engineering student at Western Washington University who split his time between school and music. Taking a break from his local power pop band, Pinwheel, Gibbard began recording an album's worth of solo material during the summer...

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Codes and Keys

Top Songs By Death Cab for Cutie

I Will Possess Your HeartNarrow Stairs8:25$1.29
I Will Follow You Into the DarkPlans3:09$1.29
Cath...Narrow Stairs3:49$1.29
Soul Meets BodyPlans3:50$1.29
Meet Me On the EquinoxThe Twilight Saga: New Moon..3:44$1.29
You Are a TouristCodes and Keys (Deluxe Vers..4:46$1.29
Grapevine FiresNarrow Stairs4:07$1.29
I Will Possess Your Heart (Radio Edi..Narrow Stairs4:08$1.29
The Sound of SettlingTransatlanticism2:12$0.99

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