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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Dec 12, 2006

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Dirty South Hip-Hop
Dirty South Hip..

Hip-Hop/R&B: 2010

'00s Hip-Hop
'00s Hip-Hop

The Inspiration (Bonus Track Version) – Young Jeezy

HypnotizeYoung Jeezy3:41$1.29
Still On ItYoung Jeezy3:46$0.99
U Know What It IsYoung Jeezy3:44$0.99
J.E.E.Z.Y.Young Jeezy3:49$1.29
I Luv ItYoung Jeezy4:00$1.29
Go GettaYoung Jeezy featuring R. Ke..3:49$1.29
3 A.M.Young Jeezy featuring Timba..3:56$1.29
The RealistYoung Jeezy4:09$0.99
Streets On LockYoung Jeezy3:34$0.99
Bury Me a GYoung Jeezy4:43$1.29
Dreamin'Young Jeezy featuring Keysh..4:49$1.29
What You Talkin' 'BoutYoung Jeezy3:48$0.99
Keep It GangstaYoung Jeezy featuring Blood..4:36$0.99
Mr. 17.5Young Jeezy3:30$1.29
I Got MoneyYoung Jeezy featuring T.I.3:59$0.99
The Inspiration (Follow Me)Young Jeezy4:24$0.69
National Anthem (Bonus Track)Young Jeezy4:05$0.99

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Our Review

Never the most technically gifted MC, Young Jeezy has built a career out of transforming apparent weaknesses into formidable strengths. Jeezy has clearly taken Nas’ legendary injunction “it’s not what you do but how it’s done” to heart and reinterpreted it as “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” Jeezy never strays far from the by now all too familiar southern tropes of keys, whips and girls, but his roaring, often cavernously multi-tracked delivery ensures that the proceedings remain riveting. On The Inspiration he varies little from the reliable template that made him a star with tracks like the ubiquitous “Soul Survivor”. Yet The Inspiration differs from Thug Motivation 101 in one important respect: the tempos. On tracks like the ghostly “Hypnotize” and the stuttering “J.E.E.Z.Y.” tempos are slowed to a dolorous crawl that nods towards Houston’s screwed and chopped aesthetic while invoking the slow-motion wooziness of the best Three Six Mafia productions. The Inspiration’s syrup-slow tempos fit Jeezy’s emphatic yet stuttering delivery perfectly, lending the album a sense of creeping dread that is as compelling as it is difficult to forget.


Customer Reviews

Track-by-Track Review (5 stars)
Hypnotize- a solid start to the album. Pretty good chorus. 3/5 stars. Still On It- a good beat along with some pretty good lyrics. Good overall song. 4/5 stars. U Know What It Is- a pretty weak song. 2/5 stars. J.E.E.Z.Y.- a good chorus followed up by lyrics from the heart. 5/5 stars. I Luv It- the album's finest. Great beat and great lyrics adds up to my favorite song by Jeezy ever. 5/5 stars. Go Getta- a wonderful choice as t

Inspiration: Not quite Thug Motivation 101 (3 stars)
His sophomore cd is not as good as his first Thug Motivation 101, his lyrics, his flow, his beats don't seem to match his first album. I'm always been a Jeezy fan and this is not a bad album, I was just expecting more, I think this album was rushed and more time could have been spent producing it. Jeezy still one of the best rappers in the game right now. 3 A.M. is the best song on the cd hands down. Other tracks worth mention are Still

He did does it again (4 stars)
Jeezy's new album is really on point...Just like thug motivation 101 you could let this album ride all the way threw without skipping any songs 1) I luv It 2) J.E.E.Z.Y. 3) 3 A.M. 4) What You Talkin Bout 5) Bury Me a G


Born: October 12, 1977 in Columbia, SC
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '00s, '10s

Atlanta-based Young Jeezy originally planned on having a background role in the music industry — as a businessman, not as a rapper. Years before making his first Def Jam album — Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, released in July 2005 — he set up Corporate Thugz Entertainment and promoted Cash Money releases. From there, he branched out as a label boss and artist in his own right, releasing albums and mixtapes. Come Shop wit' Me, his independently distributed debut from 2003, allegedly...

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I'm So PaidFreedom4:24$1.29
Leave You Alone (feat. Ne-Yo)TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition (D..5:29$1.29
Put OnThe Recession (Bonus Track ..5:21$1.29
Go GettaThe Inspiration (Bonus Trac..3:49$1.29
My PresidentThe Recession (Bonus Track ..5:29$1.29
Lose My Mind (feat. Plies)Lose My Mind (feat. Plies) ..4:04$1.29
Soul SurvivorLet's Get It: Thug Motivati..4:40$0.99
I Luv ItI Luv It - Single4:04$1.29
I Do (feat. Jay-Z & Andre 3000)TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition (D..5:11$1.29
Top Back (Remix)Grand Hustle Presents In da..4:32$0.99

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