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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Nov 21, 2006

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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Hip-Hop/R&B: 2009

Urban Club Classics
Urban Club Clas..

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment – Snoop Dogg

Intrology (Featuring George Clinton)Snoop Dogg featuring George..1:59$0.69
Think About ItSnoop Dogg3:37$0.99
Crazy (Featuring Nate Dogg)Snoop Dogg featuring Nate D..4:26$1.29
Vato (Featuring B-Real)Snoop Dogg featuring B-Real4:44$1.29
That's That S**t (Featuring R. Kelly..Snoop Dogg featuring R. Kel..4:17$0.69
Candy (Drippin' Like Water) [Featuri..Snoop Dogg featuring Daz, E..4:48$1.29
Get a Light (Featuring Damian Marley..Snoop Dogg featuring Damian..3:41$0.99
Gangbangin' 101 (Featuring The Game)Snoop Dogg featuring The Ga..4:02$1.29
Boss' Life (Featuring Akon)Snoop Dogg featuring Akon3:22$1.29
LAX (Featuring Ice Cube)Snoop Dogg featuring Ice Cu..3:21$0.99
10 Lil' CripsSnoop Dogg3:15$1.29
Round HereSnoop Dogg3:42$0.99
A Bitch I KnewSnoop Dogg4:32$0.99
Like This (Featuring Bad Lucc, Daman..Snoop Dogg featuring Bad Lu..3:56$0.99
Which One of You (Featuring Nine Inc..Snoop Dogg featuring Nine I..3:32$0.99
I Wanna F**k You (Featuring Akon)Snoop Dogg featuring Akon2:58Album Only
Psst! (Featuring Jamie Foxx)Snoop Dogg featuring Jamie ..2:59$0.99
Beat Up On Yo PadsSnoop Dogg2:57$0.99
Don't Stop (Featuring Kurupt & W..Snoop Dogg featuring Kurupt..3:22$0.99
Imagine (Featuring D'Angelo & Dr..Snoop Dogg featuring D'..4:42$1.29
Conversations (Featuring Stevie Wond..Snoop Dogg featuring Stevie..3:38$0.69
. Digital Booklet - Tha Blue Carpet Tr..Snoop Dogg--Album Only

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Our Review

Snoop Dogg is indisputably one of Hip-Hop’s greatest talents. Unfortunately its been more than a decade since the heady days when Death Row ruled the West Coast, and in that time Snoop has also proved himself to be one of Hip-Hop’s most notorious underachievers. The dazzling improvisational brilliance that Snoop displayed on his Death Row releases has never disappeared entirely, but it's appeared only in brief flashes on a string of albums undone by lazy production and bloated run times. But on The Blue Carpet Treatment Snoop seems reinvigorated in the wake of the massively successful Rhythm & Gangsta. If Rhythm & Gangsta bought crossover success with it’s laidback sound and commercial sheen, then The Blue Carpet Treatment is Snoop’s chance to show fans that he is still capable of crafting a West Coast classic without making embarrassing concessions to the pop market. The opening swagger of “Think About It” sees Snoop spitting tongue-twisting non-sequitors with a verve and charisma that he hasn’t displayed since Doggystyle. The production here is almost universally strong, with producers like West Coast veteran DJ Pooh and relative newcomer Frequency crafting beats that nod towards Snoop’s G-Funk steeped heyday without sounding antiquated or derivative. The Blue Carpet Treatment is the Snoop Dogg album that West Coast heads have been anticipating for years. Its been a long wait, but well worth it.


Customer Reviews

The Blue Carpet Treatment - Track 4 Track Review (5 stars)
1. Intrology Spits a lil’ on the end of the intro. Good intro. 5/5 stars. 2. Think About It. The beat production is nice. Feel’s like something you’d hear in one of those old 70’s movies. Good track, good lyrics. 5/5 Stars. 3. Crazy: This is a fun track. Great beat production that make's ya wanna bounce. Good catchy chorus and snoop's flow is on key. I'll probably have this one on repeat. 5/5 stars. 4. Vato ft. Mr. Criminal: A ga

Been a Dogg, Smoke You Like a Menthol (3 stars)
Over the past decade or so Snoop Dogg has become more than a brand than a rapper staring in movies, commercials, his own variety show, even lent his name to a porno, started up his own clothing line including a pet accessory line, hosting his own satellite radio show, starred in video games, and founded the Snoop Youth Football League. But the biggest impact was giving new slang for suburbanite white dudes everywhere to annoy their parents.

Tight (5 stars)
One of his best albums yet way better than his last album.


Born: October 20, 1972 in Long Beach, CA
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

As the embodiment of '90s gangsta rap, Snoop Dogg blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Introduced to the world through Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Snoop quickly became the most famous star in rap, partially because of his drawled, laconic rhyming and partially because the violence that his lyrics implied seemed real, especially after he was arrested on charges of being a murder accomplice. The arrest certainly strengthened his myth, and it helped his debut album, 1993's Doggystyle, become the...

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Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno ..Young, Wild & Free (feat. B..3:27$1.29
ButtonsButtons - Single3:51$1.29
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Sensual Seduction (Edited)Sensual Seduction - Single4:05$1.29
Gin and JuiceDoggystyle3:31$1.29
That's That S**t (Featuring R. Kelly..Tha Blue Carpet Treatment4:17$0.69
Who Am I (What's My Name)?Doggystyle4:06$1.29
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