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Released: Feb 07, 2006

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Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson


'00s Pop
'00s Pop

Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George – Jack Johnson

Upside DownJack Johnson3:28$1.29
BrokenJack Johnson3:54$0.99
People WatchingJack Johnson3:18$0.99
Wrong TurnJack Johnson2:53$0.99
Talk of the TownJack Johnson & Kawika K..3:22$0.99
Jungle GymJack Johnson & G. Love2:22$0.99
We're Going to Be FriendsJack Johnson2:17$0.99
The Sharing SongJack Johnson2:45$0.99
3 RsJack Johnson2:54$0.99
LullabyJack Johnson & Matt Cos..2:47$0.99
My Own Two HandsJack Johnson & Ben Harp..2:58$0.99
QuestionsJack Johnson4:08$0.99
Supposed to BeJack Johnson2:54$0.99
Upside Down (Remix)Jack Johnson & Money Ma..3:39$0.99
. Coloring Book - Sing-a-Longs and Lul..Jack Johnson--Album Only
. Digital Booklet - Sing-a-Longs and L..Jack Johnson--Album Only

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Our Review

A laid-back surfer who makes everything look easy turns out to be the perfect musical alter ego for a pesky monkey who’s always in a jam. Who knew? While nothing in Jack Johnson’s previous work evoked anything nearly as kinetic as Curious George, the singer-songwriter’s songs have an innate playfulness — and an abiding sense of wonder — that make him a natural for children’s music. Though come to think of it, only two or three of these are children’s music at all. “3Rs,” for instance, gives an eco-friendly twist to the Schoolhouse Rock classic “Three is the Magic Number,” while “The Sharing Song” delivers an age-appropriate lesson in an upbeat surfer-dude way: “If you’ve got a ball/ Bounce it to the gang/ If there is a new kid/ Invite him out to hang.” But most of the other tunes here would sound perfectly at home on any of Johnson’s previous three albums, including the infectious shuffle of “Upside Down,” an irresistible, radio-friendly tribute to the monkey (and the kid) inside all of us. A cover of The White Stripes gem “We’re Going to Be Friends” fits the mood perfectly, while the delicate ballad “Broken” could be about a lover, could be about the Man with the Yellow Hat, and hey, does it matter? This is music for both preschoolers and parents to enjoy, a perfect companion to the film’s gentle sweetness.


Customer Reviews

Coolest Soundtrack Ever! (5 stars)
Oftentimes, I am dismayed at the amount of money and approval that a poor product or advertisement successfully endured to become real and a part of my life. For example, the Hummer commercial that aired during Super Bowl XL was hugely disappointing, not just because it was gross and stupid, but also because boards of executives and teams of people and millions of dollars all had to agree that it was a good idea to share with us, and that i

What an awesome balance of kid-friendly and fun! (5 stars)
Wow! That's all I can say. As a nanny for a 3 year old little boy...I am subjected to lots of children's music that makes me want to scream. However, I was ready to scream with delight when I heard that Jack Johnson was doing the soundtrack to Curious George (as Jack is one of the few mainstream artists he likes--and I love) I preordered the album as soon as I could...and "Upside Down" is definitely his favorite song right

There’s No Stopping Curiosity (4 stars)
When I first heard that Jack Johnson would be making a children’s album for the soundtrack of the new Curious George movie I had a little trepidation. I am a huge fan of the surfer turned acoustic king but then again I’m not a kid nor have any of my own. But Johnson’s music already is for all ages and really wouldn’t need to have a drastic change aside from avoiding the occasional political song that sometimes peppers his albums.


Born: May 18, 1975 in Hawaii
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Before Jack Johnson became the 21st century kingpin of beachside pop/rock, he was a champion surfer on the professional route. The sport was second nature to the Hawaiian native, who began chasing waves as a toddler and, by the age of 17, had become an outstanding athlete on the Banzai Pipeline. However, Johnson was also testing other creative outlets — specifically film and music — and a serious surfing accident during his first professional competition convinced him to devote more time...

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