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Released: Jun 10, 2005

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Sing Broadway Hits, Vol. 1 (Karaoke Performance Tracks) – ProSound Karaoke Band

No One Mourns the Wicked (Karaoke In..ProSound Karaoke Band2:25$1.29
Dancing Through Life (Karaoke Instru..ProSound Karaoke Band3:11$1.29
One Short Day (Karaoke Instrumental ..ProSound Karaoke Band2:27$1.29
Wonderful (Karaoke with Background V..ProSound Karaoke Band3:44$1.29
As Long As You're Mine (Karaoke Inst..ProSound Karaoke Band3:49$1.29
No One Mourns the Wicked (Karaoke Le..ProSound Karaoke Band2:25$1.29
Dancing Through Life (Karaoke Lead V..ProSound Karaoke Band3:11$1.29
One Short Day (Karaoke Lead Vocal De..ProSound Karaoke Band2:27$1.29
Wonderful (Karaoke Lead Vocal Demo) ..ProSound Karaoke Band3:44$1.29
As Long As You're Mine (Karaoke Lead..ProSound Karaoke Band3:47$1.29

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Customer Reviews

wonderful! (5 stars)
ok, you guys are silly. this is volume 2. the other cd has popular, defying gravity, im not that girl, for good, and all the other songs you love. enjoy! WICKED IS AMAZING!

Duh! It's volume 2!! (5 stars)
This is an awesome SECOND karaoke CD to those of you out there who have eye trouble. They seem to have split them into a girls and boys set. :o) An awesome musical no matter what your listening preference. Stephen Schwartz outdid himself. As a singer I'm happy to have the opportunity to perform these songs and am glad for the offering of musical performance tracks for all of the Wicked soundtrack: On 2 CD's people: Volume 1 and 2!!!!!

i LOVE THIS MUSICAL and the music is AWESOME! (5 stars)
omg this musical is amazing, i saw it in chicago and i loved it. you have like NO RITE to be dissing it! if you are, you need to go see it!!! NOW! its sooooooooo good. i may be kind of a theater freek but still even my brother, (the AC/DC, Van Halen loving, hockey player-tough guy) loved it, he was singing the songs for weeks! thank you itunes for finally getting it on karaoke!!!!!

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For Good (Karaoke Instrumental Track..Sing Broadway Hits, Vol. 2 ..5:08$1.29
Popular (Karaoke Instrumental Track)..Sing Broadway Hits, Vol. 2 ..3:33$1.29
Defying Gravity (Karaoke Instrumenta..Sing Broadway Hits, Vol. 2 ..5:57$1.29
Only Hope (Karaoke Instrumental Trac..Sing A Walk to Remember (Ka..3:51$1.29
Journey to the Past (Karaoke Lead Vo..Sing Anastasia & More (Kara..3:00$1.29
At Last (Karaoke Instrumental Track)..Sing Like Etta James (Karao..3:05$1.29
Once Upon a December (Karaoke Lead V..Sing Anastasia & More (Kara..3:41$1.29
On My Own (Karaoke Instrumental Trac..Sing Les Miserables (Karaok..3:10$1.29
Beautiful (Karaoke Instrumental Trac..Sing Like Christina Aguiler..4:03$1.29
Stomp (Karaoke Lead Vocal Demo) [In ..Sing Urban Gospel, Vol. 1 (..5:42$1.29

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