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Genre: Alternative

Released: Dec 05, 2000

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Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against Th..

'90s Alt Rock
'90s Alt Rock

'90s Rock
'90s Rock

Renegades – Rage Against the Machine

Microphone FiendRage Against the Machine5:01$0.99
Pistol Grip PumpRage Against the Machine3:16$0.99
Kick Out the JamsRage Against the Machine3:10$0.99
Renegades of FunkRage Against the Machine4:34$1.29
Beautiful WorldRage Against the Machine2:34$0.99
I'm Housin'Rage Against the Machine4:56$0.99
In My EyesRage Against the Machine2:54$0.99
How I Could Just Kill a ManRage Against the Machine4:04$1.29
The Ghost of Tom JoadRage Against the Machine5:38$0.99
Down On the StreetRage Against the Machine3:38$0.99
Street Fighting ManRage Against the Machine4:41$0.99
Maggie's FarmRage Against the Machine6:34$1.29

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Customer Reviews

RAGE. (5 stars)
to that guy who said he started liking rage through gh2, WTF? how have you never even heard or heard of rage before? theyre called one of the best bands in the world. not oh they were in guitar hero. hahahhah but in all seriousness: buy this album. idc how you heard of RAGE, if you like them buy ALL of their cds i personally prefer battle of los angeles, but key RAGE songs= know your enemy, bulls on parade, wake up, sleep now in the fire, an

Let's get one thing straight (5 stars)
I myself am not one for cover albums, even though this one sounds pretty good. I'm only writing this as a response to the douchebag that said he was glad someone shot Dimebag. I listen to Pantera and Rage and that sure as hell doesn't make me a racist, neo-nazi, facist or anything else you wanna try and throw at me. It just makes me a guy who likes to listen to good music. So Pantera uses the southern flag in some of their merch. It doe

yay (5 stars)
no poop


Formed: 1991 in Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Rage Against the Machine earned acclaim from disenfranchised fans (and not insignificant derision from critics) for their bombastic, fiercely polemical music, which brewed sloganeering leftist rants against corporate America, cultural imperialism, and government oppression into a Molotov cocktail of punk, hip-hop, and thrash. Rage formed in Los Angeles in the early '90s out of the wreckage of a number of local groups: vocalist Zack de la Rocha (the son of Chicano political artist Beto) emerged from...

Top Albums By Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against t..

The Battle of ..


Evil Empire

Live At the Gr..

Top Songs By Rage Against the Machine

Killing In the NameRage Against the Machine5:13$1.29
Bulls On ParadeEvil Empire3:49$1.29
Guerrilla RadioThe Battle of Los Angeles3:26$1.29
TestifyThe Battle of Los Angeles3:30$1.29
Sleep Now In the FireThe Battle of Los Angeles3:25$1.29
BombtrackRage Against the Machine4:03$1.29
Renegades of FunkRenegades4:34$1.29
Wake UpRage Against the Machine6:04$1.29
Know Your EnemyRage Against the Machine4:54$1.29
Bullet In the HeadRage Against the Machine5:07$1.29

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