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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Nov 16, 2004

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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Hip-Hop/R&B: 2009

Urban Club Classics
Urban Club Clas..

R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) – The Masterpiece – Snoop Dogg

I Love to Give You LightSnoop Dogg2:38$0.99
Bang OutSnoop Dogg3:05$0.99
Drop It Like It's HotSnoop Dogg & Pharrell W..4:26$1.29
Can I Get a Flicc WitchuSnoop Dogg & Bootsy Col..5:24$0.99
Ups & DownsSnoop Dogg & Bee Gees4:04$1.29
The BidnessSnoop Dogg3:28$0.99
Snoop D.O. Double GSnoop Dogg4:01$0.99
Let's Get BlownSnoop Dogg4:40$1.29
Step Yo Game UpSnoop Dogg, Lil Jon & T..4:23$0.99
PerfectSnoop Dogg & Charlie Wi..5:50$0.99
WBallz InterludeSnoop Dogg0:21$0.99
Fresh Pair of Panties OnSnoop Dogg2:38$0.99
Promise ISnoop Dogg3:17$0.99
Oh NoSnoop Dogg & 50 Cent4:01$0.99
Can You Control Yo HoeSnoop Dogg & Soopafly3:08$0.99
SignsSnoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson ..3:56$1.29
I'm Threw WitchuSnoop Dogg & Soopafly4:22$0.99
Pass It Pass ItSnoop Dogg4:32$0.99
Girl Like USnoop Dogg & Nelly4:35$0.99
No Thang On MeSnoop Dogg & Bootsy Col..4:40$0.99

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Our Review

Though hip-hop devotees celebrated Snoop Dogg’s escape from the often creatively stultifying fold of No Limit records, Snoop’s first Master P free release, the sprawling and unfocussed Paid da Cost to be da Bo$$ was hardly the bracing comeback that Snoop fans were looking for. Though Snoop would not succeed in fully rediscovering his drum-tight cadences and effortless drawl until 2006’s The Blue Carpet Treatment, 2005’s Rhythm & Gangsta was a big step in the right direction.The best tracks handily beat anything that Snoop had put out since Tha Doggfather. As the title indicates, Rhythm & Gangsta is built around the shaky conceit that, having proven his mastery of the rap game, Snoop has set out to reinvent himself as a soulful crooner. When listening to Rhythm & Gangsta its best to ignore this notion entirely and skip past the snooze inducing R&B workouts that clutter the record to the surefire bangers. The skeletal clicks and whistles of the phenomenal “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and the vintage G-Funk of “Da Bidness” sport exceptionally tight rhymes from Snoop and production that hearkens back to Snoop’s glory days while remaining compellingly progressive.


Customer Reviews

Snoop Dogg (5 stars)
Snoop Doggy Dog Back Up In Here With His Best Album Ever. His Big Hit That Turned To Gold Like Everthing Else Of Course Its The Boss Dog. Drop It Like Its Hot. The Tunes To Turn You Out Of Here. Buy This Album Its The Shazala

It dropped, and it was hot. (4 stars)
I can't say that this album is Snoop's masterpiece. (That title still goes to Doggystyle.) However, Snoop does it just about right on R&G, going from smoother tracks (Drop It Like It's Hot, Snoop D.O. Double G) to classic chill (Let's Get Blown) to loud, raucous party music (Step Yo Game Up). "Can You Control Yo Hoe" does max out the misogyny meter, but it's so buried in the album that it's quite easy to barely even notice i

this one of the best albums of the year (4 stars)
Snoop has many uptempo songs like drop it like it's hot, signs, and step your game up. But also has some slower songs like perfect, and let's get blown. Together the combination turned out great for him and should be nominated for a grammy in my opinion.


Born: October 20, 1972 in Long Beach, CA
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

As the embodiment of '90s gangsta rap, Snoop Dogg blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Introduced to the world through Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Snoop quickly became the most famous star in rap, partially because of his drawled, laconic rhyming and partially because the violence that his lyrics implied seemed real, especially after he was arrested on charges of being a murder accomplice. The arrest certainly strengthened his myth, and it helped his debut album, 1993's Doggystyle, become the...

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Top Songs By Snoop Dogg

Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno ..Young, Wild & Free (feat. B..3:27$1.29
ButtonsButtons - Single3:51$1.29
Drop It Like It's HotDrop It Like It's Hot - Sin..4:30$1.29
Sensual Seduction (Edited)Sensual Seduction - Single4:05$1.29
Gin and JuiceDoggystyle3:31$1.29
That's That S**t (Featuring R. Kelly..Tha Blue Carpet Treatment4:17$0.69
Who Am I (What's My Name)?Doggystyle4:06$1.29
Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno ..Young, Wild & Free (feat. B..3:27$1.29
Drop It Like It's HotR&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - Th..4:26$1.29
SignsR&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - Th..3:56$1.29

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