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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Dec 19, 2006

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'90s Hip-Hop
'90s Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop/R&B: 2010

Hip Hop Is Dead (Edited Version) – Nas

Money Over B******tNas4:16$0.99
You Can't Kill MeNas3:14$0.99
Carry On TraditionNas3:49$0.99
Where Are They NowNas2:44$0.99
Hip Hop Is DeadNas featuring Will.I.Am3:45$0.69
Who Killed It?Nas3:09$0.69
Black RepublicanNas featuring Jay-Z3:45$1.29
Not Going BackNas4:09$0.99
Still DreamingNas featuring Kanye West3:37$1.29
Hold Down the BlockNas3:57$0.99
Blunt AshesNas4:03$0.99
Let There Be LightNas4:28$0.99
Play On PlayaNas featuring Snoop Dogg3:33$0.99
Can't Forget About YouNas4:34$1.29
HustlersNas featuring The Game and ..4:06$1.29
Hope (Acappella)Nas3:05$0.69

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Our Review

For more than a decade Nas has struggled against the unreasonable expectations of a fan-base who, blinded by their affection for the Nas of “New York State of Mind” and “Life’s a Bitch," have refused to accept his efforts to mature as an artist. In this light Hip Hop is Dead’s stark title seems less the bitter reproach that some have labeled it, and more a much-needed provocation thrown in the face of a moribund audience. Hip Hop is Dead sees Nas returning to the lean focused lyricism, and spare boom-bap production that made 2004’s God’s Son such a welcome return to form. The indulgent role-playing and tiresome self-referentiality of 2005’s Street’s Disciple has been reigned in and replaced by savvy broadsides at Hip-Hop’s stagnant mainstream, and a steely determination to out-rhyme every MC in sight. Nas does occasionally slip-up; his Edward G. Robinson aping inflections on “Who Killed It” are bizarre rather than impressive, and the otherwise excellent Jay-Z collaboration “Black Republicans” strains a bit beneath the weight of its own self importance. None the less, the bracingly immediate blast of the title track, and the glowering street nostalgia of the Dr. Dre produced “Hustlers” prove that Nas is more than capable of holding his own in today’s competitive Hip-Hop landscape.


Customer Reviews

Wow Better Than My High Expectations (5 stars)
Being a Jay-z fan it kinda still hurts to say that Hip Hop Is Dead is better than Kingdom Come. I was expecting Hip Hop Is Dead to be a good album, having listened to past Nas joints and albums. But I deffinitely did not expcet a Nas album to have such good production and guest appearnce balance. The beats on this album evoke emotion and mentally compell you get deeper into Nas' lyrics. There are no weak filler, commercial songs on this a

Finally (5 stars)
Thank Goodness Finally I can hear something not about white tee's whips and women in every song thank you Nas.

He bringin it back to life (5 stars)
Classic Album! Best Hip Hop album to come out in years! Easy classic. Hopefully albums like this we force other rappers to set their games up and start putting out albums like this!!!


Born: September 14, 1973 in Long Island, NY
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Beginning with his classic debut, Illmatic (1994), Nas stood tall for years as one of New York City's leading rap voices, outspokenly expressing a righteous, self-empowered swagger that endeared him to critics and hip-hop purists. Whether proclaiming himself "Nasty Nas" or "Nas Escobar" or "Nastradamus" or "God's Son," the self-appointed King of New York battled numerous adversaries for his position atop the epicenter of East Coast rap, none more challenging than Jay-Z, who vied with Nas for the...

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My PresidentThe Recession (Bonus Track ..5:29$1.29
Hip Hop Is DeadHip Hop Is Dead3:45$0.69
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)It Was Written4:42$1.29
Road to ZionWelcome to Jamrock5:17$1.29
Hero (feat. Keri Hilson)Nas4:00$1.29
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N.Y. State of MindIllmatic4:52$0.99
Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)Better Dayz4:12$0.99

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