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Released: Oct 19, 2010

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Kids Pop
Kids Pop

Glee: The Music – The Rocky Horror Glee Show – Glee Cast

Science Fiction Double Feature (Glee..Glee Cast4:27$1.29
Damn It, Janet (Glee Cast Version)Glee Cast2:41$1.29
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?..Glee Cast3:04$1.29
Sweet Transvestite (Glee Cast Versio..Glee Cast2:59$1.29
Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me (Gl..Glee Cast2:29$1.29
There's a Light (Over At the Franken..Glee Cast2:33$1.29
Time Warp (Glee Cast Version)Glee Cast3:13$1.29

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Customer Reviews

Seriously? (1 star)
As mind-blowing as Amber Riley's voice is, always, I simply can't believe they would make her Frank. I'm sure the show had good intentions—that the cast all actually like Rocky Horror, & that's why they chose to make an episode in tribute—but even that irreparably botched casting choice proves they've gone horribly wrong. I mean, seriously: "from *sensational* Transylvania"?! It's really, really bad—for fans of the movie,

Female Frank... (4 stars)
Anyone complaining about the casting of Frank-n-furter has absolutely no cultural engagement with the actual Rocky Horror underground community. Female Franks are very common & often fantastic. I think it's great that the show would recognize that reality rather than being hidebound to the film as presented on screen.

My only complaint is the changing of some of the lyrics to be tv-friendly, but that's just an unfortunate real

Nothing much to shiver with antici....pation about (1 star)
Being a fan of Rocky Horror and Glee that I am I gotta say I'm not quite impressed. Dosen't Glee try to go over-the-top with some episodes? It feels like thier trying to be safe and not offend those who aren't a fan of the movie. You can't make a woman a Sweet Transvestite since it's already a woman and rids the sexual promiscuity in which ironically this show has been trying flaunt.
The only song on here that seems remotely decent is &


Formed: 2009 in Hollywood, CA
Genre: Pop
Years Active: '00s, '10s

When Glee aired its first episode in May 2009, the TV show only attracted a fraction of the viewers who tuned in for American Idol, which was shown on the same channel just one hour prior. The numbers looked bleak, but Billboard's music charts told a different story the following week, when the Glee version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" became a Top Five hit. Performed during the pilot by the castmates themselves, the song eventually sold...

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Somebody That I Used to Know (Glee C..Somebody That I Used to Kno..4:06$1.29
Hungry Like The Wolf / Rio (Glee Cas..Hungry Like the Wolf / Rio ..3:03$1.29
Forget You (Glee Cast Version) [feat..Forget You (Glee Cast Versi..3:41$1.29
Fighter (Glee Cast Version)Fighter (Glee Cast Version)..4:11$1.29
We Are Young (Glee Cast Version)We Are Young (Glee Cast Ver..4:11$1.29
Boogie Shoes (From the TV Series &qu..Boogie Shoes (From the TV S..2:05$1.29
Stayin' Alive (Glee Cast Version)Stayin' Alive (Glee Cast Ve..4:49$1.29
Disco Inferno (Glee Cast Version)Disco Inferno (Glee Cast Ve..3:22$1.29
Singing In the Rain / Umbrella (feat..Singing In the Rain / Umbre..3:03$1.29
Loser Like Me (Glee Cast Version)Loser Like Me (Glee Cast Ve..3:19$1.29

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