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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Released: Jun 24, 2003

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Da Unbreakables – Three 6 Mafia

They Bout to Find Yo BodyThree 6 Mafia1:55$0.99
F**k That S**tThree 6 Mafia4:00$0.99
Wolf WolfThree 6 Mafia3:44$0.99
Testin My GangstaThree 6 Mafia4:33$0.99
Bin LadenThree 6 Mafia5:00$0.99
Ridin SpinnersThree 6 Mafia4:09$0.99
Try SomethinThree 6 Mafia3:56$0.99
Money Didn't Change MeThree 6 Mafia3:10$0.99
Ghetto ChickThree 6 Mafia3:27$0.99
Shake Dat JellyThree 6 Mafia3:04$0.99
Let's Start a RiotThree 6 Mafia4:46$0.99
Rainbow ColorsThree 6 Mafia4:31$0.99
Like a Pimp (Remix)Three 6 Mafia3:53$0.99
Beatem to da FloorThree 6 Mafia2:33$0.99
Put Cha D. In Her MouthThree 6 Mafia3:17$0.99
Mosh PitThree 6 Mafia3:23$0.99
Chris D Interlude (Interlude)Three 6 Mafia0:14$0.99
You Scared, Pt. 2 (Edit)Three 6 Mafia4:17$0.99
Dangerous PosseThree 6 Mafia3:43$0.99
OutroThree 6 Mafia2:17$0.99

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Our Review

Even as Three 6 Mafia returned to their standard subject matter with their sixth LP, DJ Paul and Juicy J’s beats were displaying whole new levels of precision and audacity. Like Dr. Dre’s 2001, every sound on Da Unbreakables is exacting in detail and placement. The snares hit like a punch to the throat, while the bass impacts with the force of a wrecking ball. Even when the songs represent commotion and chaos, the arrangement of every song is carefully orchestrated. Rather than just describe violence, songs like “Wolf, Wolf,” “Let’s Start A Riot,” and “Mosh Pit” actually embody it in their sound design. Trained as deejays, Juicy J and DJ Paul have always used samples in their work, but Da Unbreakables finds them using samples with a renewed sense of purpose. Hidden here are pieces of Portishead, Michael Jackson, and scores from Romeo & Juliet and Gangs of New York, all mutated to serve Three 6 Mafia’s singularly terrifying vision. The sample aesthetic reaches a new plateau with the Willie Hutch-sampling “Testin’ My Gangsta,” a triumphant onslaught of drums, strings, and choirs.


Customer Reviews

Wowwww (5 stars)
My favorite three 6 album the tracks i suggest u check out are 1. Bin Laden 2. Like a pimp (remix) 3. testin my gangsta 4. Rainbow Colors 5. Ridin Spinners 6. Lets start a riot 7. Put cha d. in her mouth Those are my personal favorites on this cd

the best (4 stars)
the best song on this album is dangerous posse

Slept-On But Amazing (4 stars)
The production doesn't really kick in until "Testin' My Gangsta", but there's enough crazy tracks to make up for that. Though lyrically there are only two good lines on the record ("I guess you wanted to be so much like your favorite rapper/That you even try to die like your favorite rapper"), that's immaterial with so much amazing, unique Hypnotize Minds production and passable lyrics (That still have enough nihlistic or


Formed: Memphis, TN
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Evolving slowly but steadily over the years, Three 6 Mafia began as an exploitative, horror-themed underground hardcore rap sensation ("666 Mafia," get it?) yet went on to enjoy relatively mainstream success years later, eventually winning an Oscar and scoring some major hits. The Memphis, TN, group's membership varied from album to album, with the one constant being the duo of Juicy J and DJ Paul, who are producers as well as rappers. Other notable Mafia affiliates at one time or another include...

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Feel It (Three 6 Mafia vs. Tiesto) [..Feel It (Three 6 Mafia vs. ..4:00$1.29
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Act a Fool (Featuring Three 6 Mafia)Act a Fool - Single4:41$0.99
Slob On My NobMost Known Hits (Explicit V..1:58$1.29
Side 2 SideMost Known Unknown (Bonus T..3:34$0.99
That's Right (feat. Akon)Last 2 Walk2:56$0.99
Poppin' My CollarMost Known Unknown (Bonus T..2:56$1.29
Sippin On Some Syrup (Explicit)Triple Play: Three 6 Mafia ..4:21$1.29

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