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Released: Dec 09, 2008

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Maroon 5
Maroon 5


'00s Pop
'00s Pop

Call and Response: The Remix Album – Maroon 5

If I Never See Your Face Again (feat..Maroon 53:45$1.29
Wake Up Call (Mark Ronson Remix) [fe..Maroon 53:11$1.29
Sunday Morning (Questlove Remix)Maroon 53:46$1.29
Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix)Maroon 55:54$1.29
This Love (C. "Tricky" Ste..Maroon 52:57$1.29
She Will Be Loved (Pharrell Williams..Maroon 54:21$1.29
Shiver (DJ Quick Remix)Maroon 52:44$1.29
Wake Up Call (feat. David Banner) [D..Maroon 53:20$1.29
Harder to Breathe (feat. Cool Kids) ..Maroon 52:58$1.29
Little of Your Time (Bloodshy & ..Maroon 53:54$1.29
Little of Your Time (Of Montreal Rem..Maroon 52:59$1.29
Goodnight Goodnight (Deerhoof Remix)Maroon 54:02$1.29
Not Falling Apart (Tiësto Remix..Maroon 56:08$1.29
Better That We Break (Ali Shaheed Mu..Maroon 52:39$1.29
Secret (Premier 5 Remix)Maroon 53:53$1.29
Woman (Sam Farrar Remix)Maroon 54:11$1.29
This Love (Cut Copy Galactic Beach H..Maroon 57:21$1.29
If I Never See Your Face Again (feat..Maroon 57:03$1.29
. Digital Booklet - Call And Response:..Maroon 5--Album Only

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Customer Reviews

Maroon 5 - Remixes (3 stars)
If I never See Your Face Again - Avg. remix here, nothing good. 2/5 Wake Up Call - Some techno buzzing hurts the ears here, Mary J. does nice. 3.5/5 Sunday Morning - Genius ?estlove does nice production here. Very enjoyable. 4/5 Makes Me Wonder - Hip Hopper Just Blaze takes a shot here. Hip Hop production does not fit much. 2/5 This Love - Techno remix here. The vocals sound too distorted. 2.5/5 She Will Be Loved (Pharell Remix) - Phare

Hmm... Interesting (4 stars)
Maroon 5 hasn't put out a CD that I don't like, which includes this one, however, I feel that there should have been more of a variance or something else new that was put on this album. Besides the fact that I've heard half of the remixes before, I really like it. The first few tracks, especially If I Never See Your Face Again (feat. Cross) and Wake Up Call (with Mary J Blige) are really good. Also, the Makes Me Wonder remix is very creepy (

Understated, slick, laid back and generally great. (5 stars)
When I first saw the word "remix" I thought, oh god!, but having listened to the album, I can honestly say that it provides a stripped back, more intimate feel to the songs. It's an odd album, purely because it feels like it should be an intimate acoustic album, but just Levine's voice, and yet, there's beats and synthesisers going in the back ground. Kitsch would be my word...Maroon 5 lovers might hate it because it lacks the spun


Formed: 1999 in Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Pop
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

A mix of polished pop/rock and neo-soul made Maroon 5 one of the most popular bands of the 2000s, with songs like "This Love," "She Will Be Loved," and "Makes Me Wonder" all topping the charts worldwide. Previously, bandmates Adam Levine (vocals/guitar), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Mickey Madden (bass), and Ryan Dusick (drums) had spent the latter half of the '90s playing in Kara's Flowers, even releasing a debut album for Reprise Records while still attending high school. The record tanked, however,...

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Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa..3:51$1.29
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This LoveSongs About Jane3:26$1.29
If I Never See Your Face Again (feat..If I Never See Your Face Ag..3:18$1.29
Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa..3:51$1.29
Harder to BreatheSongs About Jane2:53$0.69

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