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Blackstar – David Bowie

January 11th, 2016


iTunes Price: $9.99


Released: Jan 08, 2016

Blackstar – David Bowie

BlackstarDavid Bowie9:57$1.29
'Tis a Pity She Was a WhoreDavid Bowie4:52$1.29
LazarusDavid Bowie6:22$1.29
Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)David Bowie4:40$1.29
Girl Loves MeDavid Bowie4:51$1.29
Dollar DaysDavid Bowie4:44$1.29
I Can't Give Everything AwayDavid Bowie5:47$1.29
BlackstarDavid Bowie9:59
Digital Booklet - BlackstarDavid Bowie

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Customer Reviews

This shall RULE! (5 stars)
How cool is it that Bowie has enlisted young jazz lions to play on this album?! Mark Guiliana - drum, Tim LeFevre - Bass, Jason Linder - Keys, Donnie McCaslin - Saxophone.
David has always had fantastic musicians and this is no exception! The first single sounds amazing.

Audacious as always (5 stars)
It's bold, beautiful and baffling. After several listenings, several viewings of the landmark video, reading the lyric and spending a good bit of time reading the thoughts of fans on the web, I still have only the sketchiest notion of what the song might "mean," which only tantalizes me more.
Bowie always takes me somewhere fascinating, and I'm eager for the trip to come.

Thank you, Bowie! (Blackstar Song Review) (5 stars)
Absolutely genius. Once again Bowie is pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box, and creating breath- takingly profound art. Even at this age. Bowie is love, Bowie is life. I would recommend people really listen with an OPEN MIND. Some will get it, others will say "This is too wierd" and dislike it because it's challenging, different, and not a pop song. Don't be the latter. He wasn't trying to make a pop song. What he did


Genre: Rock
Years Active:

The cliché about David Bowie says he's a musical chameleon, adapting himself according to fashion and trends. While such a criticism is too glib, there's no denying that Bowie demonstrated remarkable skill for perceiving musical trends at his peak in the '70s. After spending several years in the late '60s as a mod and as an all-around music hall entertainer, Bowie reinvented himself as a hippie singer/songwriter. Prior to his breakthrough in 1972, he recorded a proto-metal record and a pop/rock album,...

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